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NASA is trying to save Hubble, too

Jeletic and his team also try to anticipate potential problems. For example, it has been found that the thin strands of Hubble gyroscopes are prone to corrosion and cracking, and three of its six gyros have failed. Without gyros, Hubble would not be able to direct anything properly. But on the final project, astronauts replaced gyros and added wires to prevent corrosion, solving this problem.

However, each new collision raises the concerns of the old telescope, which has greatly contributed to the astronomical masses, including lowering the celestial years and discovering Pluto’s smaller moons. Adam Riess, astronomer and psychologist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, states: “I think it has changed a lot. She shared the Nobel Prize in 2011 Physics for showing how the dimensions of exploding stars, or supernovas, reveal the rapid growth of the universe, a task that benefited from Hubble’s data. To this day, the telescope continues to record five times as many, says Riess, meaning astronomers have more than five times the idea of ​​using Hubble when there is time to watch telescopes.

The telescope has also served as a tool to educate and stimulate public interest in astronomy for all ages. “Everyone knows Hubble,” says Jeyhan Kartaltepe, an astronomer at the Rochester Institute of Technology, whose astronomical observations are based on Hubble’s images. “It has become a household name. People enjoy reading Hubble’s discovery, and they are thrilled to see the pictures. I think people are actively connected to Hubble and the universe. ”

Hubble’s latest Hardware problems come just a month before its replacement, a James Webb Space Telescope, designed to start in orbit. Like its predecessors, the new telescope will collect spectacular images, though it was designed to detect many waves in the atmosphere. infrared type, allowing it to penetrate the dusty galaxies of stars and galaxies. Riess hopes it will also be popular with astronomers and with people.

Hubble easily went through his expected life, the same with NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory, which was established in 1999 and is still in operation, although it was designed to last only five years. This is a good sign for Webb, re-five years old. Unlike Hubble, however, it rotates very far, making it inaccessible to space travelers. This means that any problems that may arise must be resolved at a distance.

But Hubble helped establish the foundation of his successor. For example, when Hubble set up, the engineers noticed that his glass was not in good shape, which led to the appearance of blurry images. Webb’s design allows engineers to remodel remote controls as the error progresses.

Astronomers appreciate the hard work of Hubble’s engineers and workers. “Their continued commitment to saving space telescopes and their changing perceptions is astounding. I am proud to support scientists who use data, ”says Julianne Dalcanton, a astronomer at the University of Washington who has used Hubble regularly throughout her work, including mapping Andromeda, our galaxy neighbor. He, Kartaltepe, and other astronomers look forward to the time when Hubble and Webb are in heaven, looking intently together, especially since they have learned so much from telescopes and waves.

Although Jeletic and his team still do not know when Hubble will return to the internet, he expects all systems to reopen. He said: “One day Hubble will die, just like any other ship. “But hopefully they are still far away.”

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