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NASA is struggling to repair the Hubble Space Telescope

The program of Hubble Space Telescope has been showing his age for a while, but the new problem seems particularly frustrating. As a file of All online applications reports, NASA he has destroyed about a week (in regards to this writing) trying to fix a glitch in Hubble’s paid computer. The system crashed on June 13, and the operating system failed to restart the computer on the 14th or change the memory section. Agancey failed in repeated tests with all modules on the evening of June 17th.

The telescope and its scientific equipment are still “healthy,” the agency said, although those who use the artificial devices are better equipped to protect themselves.

This is not the first hit this year. NASA has been around for days revival Hubble in March is following a major computer error program. It also noted that the power of the Wide Field Camera 3 had been down for years, to the extent that team meambers were required to lower the standards to solve future problems.

Like that camera, years can take part in recent events. Hubble’s payment method uses NASA Standard Spacecraft Computer-1 (NSSC-1) 1980s which includes two computers and four 64K CMOS modules. Only one component of computer and memory is used at any one time, but this may not be necessary if one part fails. Because of this, a James Webb Space Telescope may not come soon – when it was previously announced as Hubble’s successor, it may be the only option if the old machine fails frequently.

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