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NASA, ESA and JAXA want to know the environmental effects of COVID-19


The program of COVID-19 DISEASES Plague has changed the way the world operates, as well as massive closures, changes in household chores, and an increase in medical waste can lead to environmental challenges. Now, NASA, the European Space Agency and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) are as follows hosting a udasanza to find out what this is all about, From June 23 to 29th, aviation organizations will hold the event throughout the week, during which all participants will be required to use data from the Earth Observation Dashboard.

These organizations are established front last year, to provide policy makers and people to connect with from their satellite viewing Earth. Their goal was to provide people with the opportunity to use the tool to learn about the “long-term and complex epidemics of globalization.” During the hackathon, coders, scientists and anyone interested in participating will have to form teams to address the problems associated with the COVID-19 epidemic.

The challenges that students have to deal with fall into the following categories: Air Quality, Water Quality, Economic Impact, Agricultural Energy, Global Warming, Global Connected Energy and Human Disruption. They will have the opportunity to connect with scientists from organizations on social media, and the winning teams will be able to combine the answers they enter into the dashboard to benefit the parties based on their findings. Those who want to can do so registration participation, where everyone can hear about the results and responses that the groups have come up with after the event.

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