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NASA Criticizes China After Unmanned Rockets in the Sea


March 5B long rocket by 2020.

March 5B long rocket by 2020.
Figure: STR / AFP (Getty Images)

After days of worrying about when the uncontrolled Chinese rocket could land when it returned to Earth, China has announced The first Sunday that a rocket landed in the Indian Ocean near the Maldives. Although it is not known if Trash had caused everything damage, NASA blamed China for failing to deal with space debris.

Mu words released Sunday When the debris arrived, the NASA superintendent Bill Nelson said countries living in the atmosphere should reduce the risk of harm to human beings and property on Earth when re-registering space. Nelson also said it was important to improve the transparency of the record. In this case, atmospheric waste There was a large section of the Long March 5B rocket, which was 30 meters (30 meters) long and 16 meters (5 meters) wide.

It weighs 23 tons, the initial phase is one of the largest man-made inventions that cannot be re-introduced.

“It is clear that China is failing to meet standards related to air pollution,” Nelson said. “It is imperative that China and all international trade and commerce organizations act responsibly and transparently in the air in order to protect, secure, and sustain the aviation industry for a longer period of time.”

Experts were watching the rocket in recent days, worried about the possibility, although it is very small, of debris falling into human settlements. However, the problem always depended on the waste falling into the sea, which affects the whole world, or uninhabited areas.

China Workspace in China he said in a statement on Sunday, which could be seen on Wayback Machine because the website page was down when it was published, that most of the Long March 5B burned on the return.

China launched Long March 5B at at the end of April as part of his work to create his own space, which will be called Tiangong. Long March 5B was carrying Tianhe, or Harmony of the Heavens, which was 55 meters, which is the main part of the station. If all goes well as planned, Tianhe will be part of a station inhabited by Chinese experts, who should remain at the station until half a year.

The establishment of Tianhe was the first of 11 initiatives required for Tiangong to take effect in late 2022.

So, how did we manage to have the uncontrolled Long March 5B? In this way, a large portion of Long March 5B picked up and pulled out a Tianhe section around. (Several small additions were removed as soon as they started and arrived safely in the Pacific Ocean). After releasing part of Tianhe, China decided not to burn the Long March 5B engine so that it could rotate and eventually live in a place where there are no people. This caused the first part to make an uncontrollable return.

This is not the first time we have seen Chinese Long March 5B reintroduce uncontrolled. Last year, Long March 5B with a prototype of The next group of workers in China went through the same thing. This brought in the debris from the rocket destroying several homes in Ivory Coast, although fortunately no one was injured.

Considering that the Chinese project has created space, another launch of the Long march 5B is expected. The reason, there is a chance that this could happen again. It is also possible future outbursts of control could lead to world problems. The potential not only imitates NASA’s words, but it also makes it possible.

“Re-entry at sea was always a reckoninge obviously. It seems that China has won a lot of gambling (unless we hear about garbage in the Maldives). But it was worth it. ” He said Jonathan McDowell, astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.


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