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Musk has a good position to guide future cryptocurrency transactions


When Elon Musk revealed three months ago that Tesla had bought the $ 1.5bn price, digital lovers said the move would speed up its launch as a corporate tool.

On Wednesday, however, Musk withdrew his confession, he swears to accept cryptocurrency as a payment for Tesla cars is undermining the company’s representation to use it as a resting place for their money.

As usual, Musk’s comments immediately offered fuel to crypto traders as well as shells to rival crypto tribes on Twitter. But it was hard to know whether his announcement would affect the ideas of all kinds of currencies, or the ideas of Musk to take over the next phase of crypto adoption.

“They just say things every two days and they don’t change,” said John Coffee, a professor at Columbia Law School. Tesla’s allegations to pushing bitcoin into common ground The use of companies always makes sense for a second because of the impact on financial comparisons, Kofi added. “I think his initial investment was more than any other investment.”

Everything that causes Musk’s love affair over and over again, which affects market prices has been difficult to ignore. The price of the currency jumped 15% on the day that Tesla’s currency display, and fell 6 percent in the 24 hours after the announcement this week.

The latest drop came just days after Musk criticized dogecoin – another highly traded currency – as “Chaos” on US TV, sending its price below 15 percent.

“Undoubtedly, it has become a very important factor in crypto” when it comes to moving prices, says JP Thieriot. Its power also influences how people think about digital money, Thieriot advised.

Even Musk, however, would not force cryptocurrensets to make the most of commercial use. He said this week that Tesla had stopped receiving funding due to the environmental crisis of electronic “mines” that began to confirm the incident – a a well-known story neglected in the past.

Many crypto analysts said Musk’s change seems to indicate acceptance that bitcoin is not good for paying. Other companies that accepted bitcoin as a payment method in the past, including Dell and Microsoft, have also abandoned it.

“I don’t think most people want to waste their money,” said Wilson Withiam, a researcher at the crypto Messari research team. “If there was any real money behind it, would [Tesla] Did he really do that? ”

Musk’s change of heart is not just about giving money away. He also swore to the manufacturer of electronic devices not to participate in the bitcoin market, saying it “does not sell anything”.

The dedication came two weeks after Tesla surprised Wall Street by $ 101m profit from selling a portion of what worked, and raising concerns that the company’s performance would be closely linked to the crypto business.

The promise not to sell may have boosted some of its revenue, but it has also hampered Tesla’s use of the money as part of its corporate finance.

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Zach Kirkhorn, chief financial officer at Tesla, told Wall Street two weeks ago that the lack of a bitcoin market makes Tesla a cryptocurrency, because it means the company can buy and sell faster.

The change was significant, he said, as Tesla faced more and more investment in Texas and Germany as well as addressing the economic challenges posed by global semiconductor depletion.

“Being able to access our funds quickly is very important for us right now,” Kirkhorn said. With one tweet that promised to be kept in the crypto industry, Musk disputed this.

Some donors say Musk has continued to support the development of a fundraising strategy for investment companies by encouraging other companies to consider it legitimate – even if there have been almost no examples about others announcing that they are buying the money.

His initial interest in bitcoin sparked interest – including asset managers – which should continue beyond his recent efforts, says Rayne Steinberg, chief executive of Arca’s asset management team. “People were talking about this, it went into the zeitgeist.”

Some economists, however, said Tesla’s altercation with cryptocurrencies had done nothing to encourage greater adoption.

“It sparked a debate among investors, but I don’t think it changed anyone’s mind,” Jerry Klein told Treasury Partners in New York. The key requirement for investors to maintain the value of their corporate finances was to completely eliminate corporate finance, Klein added.

But if Musk’s play in bitcoin failed to change the way money is spent in companies, its recent intervention has brought another hope: that they can be a king-maker about futures currencies against or even adding bitcoin.

Using its celebrity to undermine the great power of bitcoin – and the fact that most of the participants in the network are in China, relying on coal-fired power plants – could be looking for alternatives, depending on their sponsors. Research of millennials and Gen Z, which is a major financial buyer, has also shown that it is also deeply concerned about climate change, Thieriot told Uphold. “In the end, things have to change,” he said.

Mr Musk’s comments sparked controversy among repatriates who claimed to have no environmental issues. This combines Bitcoin Zero – a non-carbon-type type – with Cardano, one of the most widely used networks in what is known as a metal-backed proof-of-sale, using less power.

Newer networks, however, have struggled to attract the attention of the crypto-currency sector. Many migrants focus on ether, a digital license used for ethereum network. With a value of $ 440bn, its tokens are about half the size of bitcoin.

Ether is already being used by some savings companies as a digital alternative, and its long-planned move could expire next year, setting the stage for greater support, says Withiam, a researcher at Messari.

Musk did not immediately indicate how much money he would earn if he left bitcoin, but added. On Thursday, he wrote: “Working with Doge devs to improve performance. It could be great.”

He also said that Tesla wants to use a bill that uses less than 1% power like bitcoin, the comment should leave crypto currencies and think – and make sure all eyes are fixed on its tweets to know what can happen.

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