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MoviePass could be back in 2022

About two years after MoviePass , may be a return visit. A New York City court has granted co-founder Stacy Spikes ownership of the company, and Spikes hopes to bring the project back next year.

“We are excited to be back and we are seeing the potential for a fresh start soon,” Spikes said. . “Our quest to restore the brand was fueled by the continued interest from moviegoers. We believe that if we do well, theater registration can go a long way in elevating viewers to new heights.”

Spikes said he paid less than $ 250,000 to the company, though the items do not include more customer information or emails. It remains to be seen if Spikes will find a new type of from the ground. In the meantime, where people can register for updates.

Together with cofounder Hamet Watt, Spikes created MoviePass in 2011. The idea was clear: with a monthly subscription, you can watch several movies on the monthly screen. When I bought MoviePass in 2017, HMNY introduced a new pricing policy that, for a time, allows members to watch a video per day for only $ 10 a month.

The popularity of MoviePass , but the modified business model remained unstable. The company burned hundreds of millions of dollars before the collapse. MoviePass streaming and release videos .

, and are among the theater producers who released their registration plans a few years ago, even Alamo and . It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post and theater this time.

Meanwhile, as Stacy-Marie Ishmael of Bloomberg he realized, MoviePass is now a Black-owned company. If Spikes can revive it, MoviePass will become one of the best-known black businesses in the US.

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