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Morning After: Sony wants PS5 beta testers

If you want to try out the new PlayStation 5 before it goes public, here’s your chance. Sony opens the beta program of the PS5 software release, with the aim of testing what appear to be “major changes” by the end of this year. Maybe we can upgrade the SSD? Sony will reveal more details in the next few weeks.

Registration is limited to PS5 owners in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany and France, and you must be over 18 to participate. If selected, you will receive an email with notifications of how to download beta firmware.

Microsoft has been using the for years, and even Sony has used beta users to test it . However, this looks great. Sony may need all the testers it can get: the PS5 is still in its infancy, and it can be hard to find a product.

– Matt Smith

Windows 10 is compatible with macOS.


After arguing with (now popular) Windows 11 jumps for hours, Devindra Hardawar says it feels as bad as macOS. This may be due to the original design being uninterrupted, even the Kondo version of Windows 10. First, there is a new Taskbar, which looks like from Windows 95, with a Start menu button, apps and shortcuts to choose from. However, with all the photos now. Ask for Devindra full view.

The second person, after Bill Gates, to take on both roles.

Microsoft has appointed CEO Satya Nadella as its incumbent, marking the first time a man has held office since Bill Gates stepped down as Chief Executive in 2000. It is another vote of confidence for the CEO that has strengthened the company almost everywhere: Microsoft is the world after Apple, in a market of more than $ 1.9 trillion. Nadella also managed to find a number of successes, including Minecraft, LinkedIn, GitHub and, more recently, sehemoth ZeniMax. Keep reading.

Good, because I can’t expect ‘Loki.’

Remnants of the Disney TV Loki series.


No, it wasn’t a bad time that meant you were watching the latest Marvel driver show every day early: Disney + will be releasing its new shows on Wednesday. The previous series dropped recent episodes on Friday, but perhaps Disney is trying to capture the voodcooler vibe, making sure more people are discussing its shows a week before. The original video for the launch of Disney + will still be shown on Friday, so you should still have some to watch. Keep reading.

Something to play with while we wait for ‘Metroid Prime 4.’

The next morning

Nintendo games

We talk to 15-year-old Metroid maker Yoshio Sakamoto, who has been in the lead since early days. The manufacturer explains what is happening Fear of Metroid and that is consistent in the great story of Samus. Keep reading.

Mobile users have to wait until September to play ‘Pokémon Unite.’

It’s almost there . The MOB “No Start” will be released on switchch in July, as well as on mobile devices in September. As in the past, hook is a cross-cutting game – in the end you will start to fight your opponents regardless of the weapon you use.

Of course, Connect it is not completely free. You can receive many game rewards in mid-season games (which can cost real world money), and purchase Aeon gems, which can help you bring more Pokémon to the battlefield or get supplies for your wallet and your trainer. Keep reading.

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