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Morning After: PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, one year onwards

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S games started a year ago this month. To celebrate, we discussed a 20-minute video of the good, the bad and the future of both consoles, performed by PS5 lover and Engadget Editor Jessica Conditt, and Xbox Series X lover and Editor-in-Chief Devindra Hardawar.

There may not be a clear winner of this generation – in particular, the conversation is trying to get the game out of it – so we are very much looking at what PlayStation and Xbox have done (and do). DualSense! Game Pass Ultimate! Hello! The In the future go ahead! Conflict!

– Matt Smith

The judges were not pleased with the attempt to create a team suit.

Google has escaped legal action after breaking the privacy of nearly 5.4 million iPhone users in the UK. The UK Supreme Court has ruled that it will not allow a similar U.S. decision to be issued against the giant once it has deliberately set a precedent for Safari users. The ruling focused on services, such as the Google Inter-US Intervention, and UK data protection laws.

The fight began in 2017 with consumer rights activist Richard Lloyd, and many others, forming a group called Google You Owe Us, which tried to sue the company. He alleged that Google had illegally collected data on iPhone users between June 2011 and February 2012.

Although the group lost in the Supreme Court, the UK Court of Appeals overturned the earlier ruling, arguing that Google should face a court order after misusing personal data without permission.

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It can detect unwanted trackers on your person.


Apple is coming up with another way to ensure that its AirTag will not be used to evade iOS 15.2 release. According to MacRumors, the latest beta version of the mobile platform has a new feature that allows users to view AirTags that may be following their location. Beta users can find the content under the Items tab in the Find My app. Anything that can be followed closely that belongs to someone else will be identified and seen as an unknown object. Apple will provide users with instructions on how to block the device being used for tracking.

Another interesting feature that appeared in the beta is . Allows users to select people such as Contacts, who can access their account and digital notifications upon death.

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Let’s go through Instant Pot and Google Nest Hub.

The Morning After


We review smart speakers, robotic vacuums and Instant Pots throughout the year, and during the holidays, we have made a list of our favorite recent home-based technologies. Everyone who receives a gift does not have to be an expert to use it all – most of our ideas take the children’s steps in the world of smarthome. Start with a smart plug and get ready for the ride?

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This move can reduce the harassment and attacks that follow.

YouTube’s attempt to hide what they don’t like did well. This function is making the changes to create the privacy of YouTube’s videos. The button will still be there (and touch your mind), and the manufacturers can still see the count – you won’t see the numbers as viewers.

The Google brand is aware that some people used the statistics to make decisions, but it seems that the secrets could help the entire community. Newer and younger producers are often just being targeted by unpopular campaigns, YouTube said, and the tests have reduced the harassment.

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The new ‘Forza’ had three times as many players as its lead.

Microsoft game director Phil Spencer revealed this Forza Horizon 5 had the best day to launch any Xbox Game Studios theme. There have been more than 4.5 million people playing gaming platforms on all platforms (Xbox, Windows and cloud) so far, and the players who rode one time at a time were three times higher than those who led.

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It can reach new cars by 2026.

Congress is strongly urging them to stop driving under the influence of President Biden. As mentioned earlier, it also includes the responsibility to curb the technology of driving drunk drivers in new vehicles. Now, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has passed Congress by the same measure, and is expected to sign with the President soon. As part of these regulations, car manufacturers will incorporate the technology to detect and stop drunk drivers by 2026.

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