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Morning After: Peloton unveils its smart energy training camera


You can’t delay a fitness company. Following others from one of the companies that did well in the epidemic when many played home games, Peloton is looking to return, as a burpee, but as a business.

It just announced Platoon Guide, a camera-powered camera that looks like Kinect, connects your TV and uses a learning machine to comprehend your movements.


The following sequence corresponds to the hundreds of Peloton powerful forces present. The idea is to encourage users to do all the activities in the classroom and to have teachers (but it is not a big deal if you can’t stick to the teacher’s pace). The Self Mode allows users to compare their appearance with that of the instructor in real time through smart camera technology. You will be able to choose how you look in the window, and its purpose is to help you change the look in the classroom.

Peloton will also continue to train machine learning systems in a number of disciplines. It will be the cheapest company device yet – but it does not make it cheap. It will cost $ 495 when it arrives in the US in early 2022.

– Matt Smith

And it can stay in your hands.

The Morning After


NVIDIA has launched a follow-up to Jetson AGX Xavier, its $ 1,100 AI brain for robots released back in 2018. The new component, called the Jetson AGX Orin, has six times the power to make Xavier even with the same design. factor and can remain in your hands. NVIDIA created Orin to be “the most powerful AI-enabled device” for use in graphics, autonomous and medical devices. It is estimated that it can hold up to 200 trillion per second. NVIDIA has not revealed what Orin will damage, but it will arrive in the first quarter of 2022.

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This is Microsoft’s answer to Chromebooks.

Microsoft has pushed cheap Windows laptops as good school computers. Comparing the capabilities of Chromebooks, they also run Windows operating systems. But now, Microsoft is poised to jump on the bandwagon of cheap, child-friendly PC and $ 249 Surface Laptop SE. It is one of the first PCs to run Windows 11 SE, an open OS targeted at K-8 students (and their troubled teachers). You can also expect to see Windows 11 SE devices coming from Dell, HP, Acer and ASUS. And that is just the beginning.

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A good discount on accessories that support high quality audio on wire ears.

When it comes to amplifying audio in your wireless earphone, the USB DAC (digital to analog converter) can do amazing sound quality. However, most of them are great. The THX USB-C model is the size of a large fingerprint sensor. And connecting means you can use it with your computer and your phone. As soon as it was available via Razer in the past, the THX DAC is now available via Amazon, and retails for $ 150. It’s $ 50 less than an RRP.

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Eight ideas for each player.

Obviously, we publish our best series of console games. But buying one game is a matter of personal choice. Unless you know what he wants, where do you start? What about right now. And no, not all $ 60 AAA games …

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Changes to software to fix the problem are on the way.

Shortly afterwards was released, iFixit teardown showed this if the display was replaced by a third-party store, unless the engineer relocated the microcontroller from the original window. Apple will fix this soon with the upcoming app, so Face ID will still work even without changing the chip to a new display.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. to rules that need to be fixed.

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