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Morning After: Nintendo has finally unveiled its new version


A new update to rumors of Nintendo has arrived – and that’s not what most of us expect. However, OLED switchh is the Upgrade Upgrade so far, with small bezels, a white port and Joy-Cons. The big change is – surprisingly – the screen: a new seven-inch OLED panel that should provide clear images when playing as a handheld device. However, the choice has not changed, which is why it is slightly more compact than the first 6.2-inch LCD switch.

Nintendo games

I can run on all the changes, since they are not many. There’s 64GB of internal storage – another great upgrade – while on the suspension, the solid screen inserts a light plastic tab on the first switch. You can change this in a number of ways to enjoy high-table-table / table-table games. The white port also has a built-in Ethernet port, while the main OLED switch speaks well. Otherwise, there is no new processor and, apparently, no battery-life changes. (The company has not yet provided battery comparisons on its official page.)

The OLED switch is not for developers who want to change – though I have no doubt that some of us will buy one. It’s the original color (or maybe I’m easily seduced by monochrome colors), but it seems to be aimed at handcrafted players, who are the ones who will benefit from the larger OLED screen. It is absurd when the low-cost, unmixed price of the Lite switch was set at the same level.

Nintendo could have tackled the deadly rumors of a powerful 4K-based game, but it didn’t. Because it’s Nintendo, which means it has a hybrid comfort vision, graphics game, portable monitors and, at the same time, ignore Bluetooth voice support and chat functionality. And no changes have been made to fix Joy-Con intrusion.

If you want to compare from historical consoles, consider Gameboy Pocket Twist on GameBoy, rather than the more powerful PS4 Pro to replace the PS4.

And will we also see 4K-switch Pro? Is there? Only Nintendo knows.

– Matt Smith

This policy will target farmers more than mobile phone companies.

Freedom of movement in the United States will soon be realized. According to Bloomberg, President Joe Biden “in the coming days” will tell the Federal Trade Commission to enact new laws empowering consumers to upgrade their weapons.

While there is not much yet, it says mobile phone companies will be able to improve. However, farmers are expected to be more profitable. On the second day at the White House, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the law gives “the right to modify their weapons as they wish.” Keep reading.

This could help Roblox deal with personal lawsuits.

BRAZIL - 2021/03/30: In this photo a Roblox photo is shown on the phone.  Roblox is an online gaming console and video game maker.  (Photo by Rafael Henrique / SOPA Photos / LightRocket via Getty Photos)

SOPA photos via Getty Photos

Roblox rushes to sing a musical event after a for violating human rights. Roblox has announced a partnership with Sony Music to bring more artists to the venue. The company teamed up similarly with BMG in June, and before Warner arrived. Represents the largest contract of Roblox music to date. One giant left is Universal.

The music industry has accused Roblox of not doing enough to prevent producers from making boomboxes that lower the standard music. Keep reading.


Sony SRS-NB10


To build Sony speakers in the past, like the SRS-WS1, the company has announced a new $ 150 version, the SRS-NB10. It is a necklace that Sony says is designed to catch remote people, “pre-designed only for your ears” and climbing drivers.

These should it means you will be the target of your podcasts and embarrassing lists, but others in the same area can capture anything you hear. You can make a phone call, and the device can switch between two Bluetooth connections to work both with your phone and PC. The group arrives in September. Keep reading.

Speak to THOR.

Verizon THOR


Verizon (parent company Engadget ) reveals Tactical Humanitarian Operations Response, THOR – modified Ford F650 vehicle. At the front of the car are the driver’s seats and five passengers, while the “control area” you see at the back has three seats. THOR is able to bring 5G and satellite connectivity to a location where a natural disaster can disrupt access to the network or no connection at all.

When Texas experienced a cold front earlier this year and the autonomous power grid failed, many people would not be able to use their phones to access the internet and keep abreast of developments. Verizon thinks THOR is helping first responders and agents “under any circumstances,” whether it’s the extreme cold Texas has recently experienced or the fires in California. Keep reading.

It also reflects ideas on new tools.

Registering privacy on Twitter


Yesterday, Twitter shared four items that could give users of the app a viewer to view, read and access their accounts, and wants to respond publicly.

“If you have a secure account and respond to someone who isn’t following you, you probably don’t know they won’t respond to your response,” Lena Emara, Twitter People Experience Designer, wrote. This can help explain and explain exactly who might see your interaction. Regardless of the answers, these ideas will not be based on the things that Twitter uses. Keep reading.

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