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Morning After: Microsoft spends $ 68.7 billion on makers ‘Overwatch’ and ‘Call of Duty’

Microsoft has been buying studios for the past few years, adding to the well-known manufacturers and game series on the Xbox, correcting the mistakes of previous generations of the company’s contract – the lack of special games. And while the Bethesda acquisition last year seems to be the biggest thing in modern games, Microsoft has adopted Activision Blizzard. he blows it out of the water. There have been various answers, however.

Initially, the studio had a lot of research on rape and discrimination in the company, and called on CEO Bobby Kotick to step down. Also, as Editor-in-Chief Jessica Conditt coming out, This puts the amazing power of companies – and responsibilities – in the hands of a single gaming platform. (Two if you are adding a PC.)

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What about isolation? In his on purchase, Xbox’s Phil Spencer did not mention the Sony or Nintendo platforms, but also mentioned the potential support for the platform. “The Activision Blizzard game is enjoyed on a variety of platforms, and we plan to continue to support developing areas,” he said, without elaborating. Spencer said for Bethesda Large Scrolls VI first, for his comments to change .

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Nest’s speeches now play a variety of, short.

Several users noticed that Google had recently changed its white noise on the Nest speaker. The new surround sound was repeated every 10 minutes, where it used to be repeated every hour, when the song was clearer now “unintelligible” and quieter than before.

There were at least 100 complaints in Nest-type stadiums, with many people claiming to use white noise to sleep with their babies or toddlers. Her comments came to Google, which restored the status quo. Rest easy, angry little kids.

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You can request four tests per home, and USPS will begin shipping later this month.

A little earlier than planned, people in the US can now order a free COVID-19 test at home from the United States Postal Service website. All families can request one set of four running antigen tests. USPS will begin shipping weapons later this month, usually within seven to 12 days after ordering.

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The most sophisticated multiplayer watch has only the buttons so far.



Garmin’s new Fenix ​​7 line now includes visuals – the first on the list. Excessive outdoors, with sweat, dirt, gloves and more, can often interfere with the function of the touch type, so it will be interesting to see how this happens. These new watches also include a multi-colored LED flashlight, which can switch between red and white as you run, comparing it to your cadence.

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And the Tilted Towers are back!



Greet Klombos. It’s a climbing monster with holes in their heads to show you the sky. They also give things if you feed them. But you should provoke them to anger, and they will rise up against you. Recent updates are also reviving Tilted Towers, a well-known Fortnite site. While it may seem like there are some beauty fixes in place, you will still have the opportunity to see a straight watch tower.

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