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Wednesday, TCL revealed several midrange switch phones, but we will focus on its most recent type. Called Fold ‘n Roll, It has two handheld technology that no one has ever used properly.


The Fold ‘n Roll starts out as a sleek smartphone with a 6.87-inch display, but expands the Mate X’s shape into a small, cracked tablet with a screen 8.85 inches long. The cloth is then spread out over the house, bringing the final size to 10 inches.

Is this point possible, or is it necessary? The answer to this is not known, and since it is supposed to follow what already happened on TCL, we probably will not know.

– Richard Lawler

If you can afford it.



In terms of polishes, two years after the launch of CES, LG’s OLED R TV is now available in the US – or, perhaps, you now have the Request Buy button on the OLED R retail page for US residents. We are not talking about US prices on this page, but in South Korea, it costs 100 million KRW. At the exchange rate here, it’s about $ 89,000.
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Two years later his experiment started.

In a recent experiment on Instagram, users in the beta group may have the option to hide as much as what they wrote (so that followers will not see them), or hide as reading posts from anyone else (dressing as well as whole food statistics). Users are also able to keep the visual in shape, which could be a response to criticism where Instagram will be brief and “unknowingly” for many people last month.
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It also includes security fixes, so switch ASAP.

In March, Google has announced that Chrome will upgrade to HTTPS starting with the 90’s version, claiming that it is the most widely used, secure and secure solution – it does not want any spies to search without using FLoC technology – .

Now the 90’s has arrived, and along with the infidelity of HTTPS, it also adds a new AV1 video recorder that can improve the performance of your video conferencing.
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And I mean a real book – one.

The release of Beosound

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen is known for its unique design on its audio systems. With its newest feature, the company was inspired by something already on your shelves – a book. Beosound Emerge is a smart little speaker with all the features and connections you can request, including support for Airplay 2 and Chromecast. In true B&O fashion, the device is made of basic materials, such as oak, woven fabric and aluminum.

It is cheaper to match the new LG OLED: The Beosound Emerge’s Gold Tone is $ 899 (€ 749 / £ 669) while the Black Anthracite color is $ 699 (€ 599 / £ 539). All of these will be available online and in B&O stores in other European markets on April 15th, with a global launch in preparation for this fall.
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Lots of smart cameras.

Sony Xperia


The Xperia 1 II last year may have been a photographer’s dream come true, but it wasn’t a good one – it didn’t have 5G in the US, to begin with. While there are a number of gaming devices, 12-megapixel telephoto cameras could be the most amazing thing Sony has released this year.

The company claims that 1 III is the world’s first phone with “real” screens – that is, it moves telephoto lenses inside the phone instead of relying on the illusion of electronic graphics. New on the Xperia 1 line this year is a review of real-time features, which depend on the time-lapse camera and other algorithms to help keep track of the lessons in progress. The big question remains: How much will the recent Sony phones cost?
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Lots of smart cameras.


The Sony A1 is the most powerful glass-free camera ever built, and it should be $ 6,500. It’s also a demonstration of Sony’s technical expertise, giving us a glimpse of what’s to come with a glassless line of the future. But for $ 500, you can buy both Sony’s A7S III and A7R IV. The camera is a no-brainer to make professional shooting, but as Steve Dent points out, there is enough 8K power to make high-definition movies possible, too.
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