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Yes, there is another robot on Mars. Friday China’s land administration agency has announced the success of his Tianwen-1 career which started last summer. It aligns with NASA’s Perseverance and the UAE’s Hope as a successful mission to reach Earth in 2021.

Now its small golf-like zhurong rover is testing itself to get ready to look up, so beware of other Mars images even though you may already be doing this.

– Richard Lawler

Android 12, Assistant and much more.

Last year, as people began to struggle with the survival of the epidemic, Google decided to end their 2020 I / O reorganization conference. (We can’t say we blame them.) This year, I / O are back – in a different way. The only online event starts on May 18, and all the signs show that it is big

We do not know all of what Google has in store for Google I / O 2021, but we do have some learning fiction – and a few things to look forward to. Here’s all we know about the show so far, and what you can expect from the event once you start working hard.
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Shoddy software interferes with good hardware.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360

The Galaxy Book Pro series features AMOLED panels that Samsung is well-known for its phones, combined with its lightweight and lightweight design. So, all is well, isn’t it? Not in a hurry – as Cherlynn Low explains, this entry takes a few steps with simple programming as well as a bad page that doesn’t keep up with Zoom time.
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$ 100 discount on Apple’s MacBook Air M1 and much more.

Star Wars Instant Pot


Apple’s MacBook Air M1, the team we love right now, is a $ 100 discount , and those who need additional storage can . Star Wars Instant pots even after May the 4th holiday has come and gone.

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items on Twitter for more information.
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Why are Apple and Epic hitting?

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This week, Cherlynn and Devindra are talking , author of GameDev Business Handbook and a colleague of , about the ongoing dispute between Epic Games and Apple. What does it mean for the program’s finances? And is Apple a personalized software developer? Also, they talk about Intel’s 11th-gen H-series processors, NVIDIA’s RTX 3050 and 3050 Ti notebooks, and HTC Vive’s Pro 2 and Focus 3 VR headphones.

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