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If you’ve been looking forward to the next generation of gaming laptops, Intel is now ready to offer. The program of its 11th generation 11-processor processors are designed for manufacturing but are not designed for optimal use. Welcome another family of the 11th-gen H-Series chips! According to Intel, this promises up to 19% faster speed than last generation. And as a low-power H-series line (named H35 by Intel because of its warmth), the new chips have 10nm of the company, a major change from the previous 14nm design, making this possible faster.


As a tradition, all laptop manufacturers, from ASUS to Razer, had new models for displaying Intel’s newest chips. Alienware can be very popular, with a new cool. New X-List will use a new thermometer (TIM), perhaps a pad and not a paste, calling for Element 31. Made of gallium-silicone, it will provide “a reduction in strong resistance to previous generations and an unusual change in contact resistance,” Alienware says. There is also a new quad-fan design (patent pending) for things to run faster but cooler.

And if you’re not looking for areas with blood laptops, we have a new guide .

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Technology giants are demanding that the US pay for domestic services

Apple, Google and Microsoft are just some of the new partnerships.

With regard to chips, U.S. technology companies want the government to provide funding for home-made weapons, as the COVID-19 epidemic continues to squeeze electronic devices into high demand. Companies including Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft as well as carriers such as AT&T and Verizon have created Semiconductors in the American Coalition to raise CHIP-funded contributions from the American Act recently. This led to the development of household appliances and research but, unfortunately, did not provide much-needed funding. Strangely enough, it’s not like the big top companies are because in the meantime. Keep reading.

Selling free advertising and marketing is a good business.



In 2015, Vizio filed an IPO, and we got a glimpse of its best revenue-generating plans by selling more of the advertisers and advertising through smart TVs. Then a bad connection with LeEco messed up, but here we are in 2021 when Vizio finally became a publicly traded company and released its first financial report.

Execs revealed three months ago, profits from the Platform + business – which includes advertising and viewers – were $ 38.4 million, which brought them closer to profits on its sales, which were $ 48.2 million. Vizio said it now has 13.4 million SmartCast accounts, with viewers wasting 52% of their viewing time on SmartCast content. It also launched 32 new options in the last phase and plans to continue connecting the radio as it collaborates with commercials to sell the ads they want. Keep reading.

This will probably help keep your light bulb from talking to the cleaner.

Project Connected Home over IP (Project CHIP) is known as Matter. The Connectivity Standards Alliance, an organization that manufactures more than 100 weapons, including giant giants such as Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung, announced a re-launch on Tuesday. The companies met to launch the CHIP project in 2019 with the hope of establishing a better way to open a home to connect all their equipment.

Even if you have never heard of Project CHIP, you can still have the right tools in your home. For starters, Matter supported Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, as well as Ethernet, WiFi, Thread and Bluetooth LE connections. The thread is no longer as popular as the others, but the technology used in the network is integrated with Nest Hub Max and Google’s Nest WiFi, as well as Apple’s HomePod mini and the new Apple TV 4K. Some of the original equipment with Matter branding will be sold by the end of 2021. Keep reading.

But there is no guarantee.



We said in the TMA yesterday that he was a little struggle to get new tools from Sony and Microsoft. The latter is trying to comfort its senior fans, however, with its new Console Purchase Pilot. If you already have the Xbox One and are an Xbox Insider, you will be able to sign up to save the new Series X or S.

There is no guarantee that you will get one, but, well, it gives hope. Keep reading.

SoundControl is an FDA-approved device that you can purchase directly.

Bose is immersed in the first aid kit. Its SoundControl tool is obviously the first clear FDA-approved product sold directly to customers.

There are a lot of Bose tech players playing. CustomTune culture in the affiliate program can change the volume, tone, movement and buses of your ears within 30 minutes. Bose has started selling SoundControl in a few countries, including Massachusetts, Montana, the Carolinas and Texas on May 18th $ 850. Big releases come later. Keep reading.

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