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Morning After: Apple Music just adds an unmistakable loss to its entire page


Today is Google’s day, as their I / O design conference begins. The company banned it last year , Ensuring that there is more to learn this time. We look forward to seeing you soon? The biggest downfall of Android iteration is the certainty, following the established update of Android 12 which has already been released. We’re looking forward to voice-catching haptics, well-crafted video-videos and other fun, too.


Along with Google’s vision for Android, expect to hear more about Assistant and WearOS. In the end, major rumors suggest that Samsung – the company that downloaded Android Wear before making a lot of money in its Tizen system – will be back with a new Wear OS watch. This can be seen when Google struggled to match Apple’s success in clothing.

Talking about Apple – which is always a party break – unveiled its music search plans, and Amazon was immediately shut down. We go into all of it below, then head back to Engadget at the main Google I / O address at 10AM PT / 1PM ET. We will be following all the news.

– Matt Smith

Without additional funding.

After all the speculation and rumors, Apple has released two new high-quality songs. The price of Apple Music, however, remains the same. Apple promises to make Dolby Atmos items easily accessible with lists and special badges. Although the company did not specify in detail the size of the music library, it does say that “thousands” of songs will be available for installation.

The company also makes its entire songbook available in nonfiction audio. Non-integrated integration using Apple’s ALAC codec (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) up to 48kHz, while Hi-Resolution Lossless expands the band to 192kHz. In that sense, Apple warns that you need more resources in order to be successful – such as the digital and analog USB (DAC) converter. There are a number of related questions that still need to be answered. Expect to hear more soon. Keep reading.

The future is bendy.

The next morning

Samsung Show

At Display Week 2021, Samsung Display showcased ideas as a double-edged OLED panel with a Slidable OLED display that reaches out to the side. On a large switch, it had a 17-inch curved band. Lastly, it introduced the concept of a laptop and a sophisticated camera that can help deal with bezels permanently – as long as you don’t have to install them. Keep reading.

Whatever you do, I can … the same.

The next morning


Almost immediately Apple Music Unlimited search, Amazon did availability of Music Unlimited subscribers at no additional cost. For Amazon’s history, its innovative operations work in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Italy and Spain. These include 70 million well-translated songs, more than 7 million in Ultra HD and a “fast-paced book” , as well as music mixed with Dolby Atmos and , ”According to Amazon. Keep reading.

An independent company can do a good job competing with Netflix and the rest.

AT&T bought WarnerMedia as part of a $ 109 billion deal in 2018. At the time, the telecommunications company said the agreement was “equitable” that would be in line with AT&T’s remote distribution network. WarnerMedia is now partnering with Discovery in a $ 43 billion deal to create an independent company.

The new company will have Discovery President and CEO David Zaslav as their new leader, and WarnerMedia head Jason Kilar says they are in talks to leave. One thing to look out for is Warner Bros. studios, as they say they are sharing because of a partnership, some are left at AT&T and some are moving to the new company. Keep reading.

Be careful what you promise.

The California department of Motor Vehicles appears to be actively investigating Tesla over its allegations of CEO Elon Musk’s alleged involvement in the company’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) expertise. This comes just one week after Tesla engineers secretly admitted to the DMV that Musk had exaggerated the potential for FSD systems on television.

FSD is a $ 10,000 version of Tesla models and promises to do everything from the changing routes to a walkway and stand-alone stand on the radio and billboards. However, this does not make them independent. Keep reading.

There will be boss wars, too.

The next morning

Nintendo games

Before release Mario Golf: High Speed next month, Nintendo will reveal more about what to expect from the game, including running glasses. You and four friends will play at the same time. Not only will you try to finish the hole with fewer shots than your opponents, you will also want to do it faster than they do. There will also be a fast-moving battle called Battle Golf. The demonstration takes place in a courtyard filled with obstacles and nine pits. The first three-hole golfer, with the least risks at a time, is the winner. The game arrives June 25th. Keep reading.

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