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Missouri Threatens To Appeal to Journalist Reporting Misconduct

Missouri Ambassador Mike Parson on Thursday threatened to prosecute and seek civilian damage from a St. Louis reporter. it was nothing but a “political vendetta” and “an attempt to embarrass the government and sell their headlines.” The Republican governor has also promised that the “Post-Dispatch” will respond to a lawsuit filed by a federal attorney Security at risk which could have harmed teachers.

Although Parson made a surprising statement about a security report that is often not contradictory, it seems that the Post-Dispatch has tried to address the issue in a way that prevents school staff injuries while urging the government to shut down what one security professor called “mindset” – improving “risk. Josh Renaud, a Post-Dispatch pageant editor and author, wrote in a report published Wednesday that more than 100,000 Social Security numbers were at risk “in an online program that allowed people to search for teachers’ licenses and credentials.” The Social Security number of school administrators and counselors was also at risk.

“While there is no clear and unambiguous secret on any page, the newspaper found that the numbers of social security educators were in the HTML documents available,” the report said.

The Post-Dispatch seems to have done exactly the right thing security researchers Usually do this: give the council a hard time closing the hole before you explain it.

“The newspaper delayed the publication of the report to give time to work to protect teachers’ privacy and allow the government to ensure that no transfer of services to other organizations has the same challenges,” the report said. The report was published the same day “after the department removed the affected pages from its site.”

In this writing, DESE’s teacher information reviewer he was “down to be repaired.”

Governor: Journalist Attempts ‘Injury to Muslims’

Parson described the journalist as a “criminal” who “took at least three notes, wrote an HTML code, and saw the Social Security number of the teachers” in an attempt to steal their secrets and harm Americans. “

Larger browsers have methods such as “view source” or “view page” to view HTML on the page, because each of these is easily accessible. The first Post-Dispatch article did not specify how Social Security numbers are obtained from HTML code, but follows An article about Parson’s legal threats On Thursday, he said “teachers'” Social Security “numbers can be found in the open mail of the affected pages.” The numbers were not readily available but were easily modified, Post-Dispatch continued:

The contents of the DESE page were stored but not transcribed, says Shaji Khan, a professor of cyber security at the University of Missouri-St. Louis – and that’s the big difference. No one can see these wonders without a secret keyboard used to hide the same. But the text simply means that the information is different and can be easily edited and viewed.

“Anyone who knows everything about development – as well as the bad guys ahead – can make this choice,” Khan said Thursday.

Governor Informs Presidents of Crime Against Teachers

Parson spoke Thursday (see video) at a press conference on [the] Data security as well [the] the government’s plan to inform the perpetrators, “he wrote a fixed type his comments on Facebook.

“It is illegal to find distractions and systems to re-evaluate other people, and we are consolidating state resources to take action and use all available legal means. My government has informed the Cole County attorney about the matter. The Missouri State Highway A Patrol of Digital Forensic Unit will re-investigate all those involved, “he said.

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