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Mini Projector in Body R2-D2


An image of the Anker R2-D2 Mini Projector article is Beautiful but Wrong

Figure: Andrew Liszewski / Gizmodo

They say that if you make a better trap, the world will knock on your door, but you will be better off beating others up. Star Wars drawings there instead. That’s what Anker did with his Nebula Capsule II mini projector, which now looks like a legless version of R2-D2. The facelift doesn’t add much in terms of functionality aside from making a solid portable projector more appealing to Star Wars fans and X-wing pilots.

As flat-screen TVs have become larger and lighter, they’re minimizing the need for an expensive video projector as a way to get a movie theater-sized screen inside a home. But mini projectors have remained an appealing alternative, making it easy to set up a movie theater almost anywhere, be it a backyard or a campsite. And that’s probably the biggest appeal of the Anker Nebula Capsule II: It’s small, but still manages to squeeze in everything you need to bring the movie theater experience anywhere. All you need to provide is the screen.

There are a few disappointments with the new Anker Nebula Capsule II R2-D2 edition, but the most obvious is that its Artoo facelift really doesn’t add much beyond a bit of novelty. The projector has the same cylindrical shape as the original, which just barely matches R2-D2’s shape. It would have been more fun to see Anker upgrade this version with a rounded dome top and a the eye of a circular project like Haier back to 2015 before realizing that these three evils last Star Wars movies would be. In addition to Artoo artwork, the project plays a number of beep-bloops each time it climbs, but it’s a lot of fun Star Wars fans come out – besides watching Star Wars that’s it.


Wherever you can carry a watch or a water bottle you can carry a Nebula Capsule II.
Figure: Andrew Liszewski / Gizmodo

As the mini projects go, I have become like this design of the Nebula Capsule II on the non-standard corners that most boilers choose. It is easy to fit in a water bottle bag because of the small size of the clock or water bottle.

The amazing thing is that Anker has managed to incorporate a strong speaker into it, with enough volume to fill a room with good bass. Obviously not the same as what you would get by setting up a voice bar with a large woofer on the floor, and when you can connect a large Bluetooth wireless speaker to a project to feel better if you like, having a good built-in voice as it adds to the simplicity and feasibility of this item.

Also hiding inside the Nebula Capsule II is a rechargeable battery that in my tests usually lasts 3 hours before I die, but you can see a little more than that depending on how the speaker fights. It is enough to watch the whole video in the backyard without moving the cable from the house, and that is a good reason to choose Nebula Capsule II for the competition.


The height of the project sometimes makes it a little heavier, but a three-legged climb on the ground provides a safe place to lift it easily.
Figure: Andrew Liszewski / Gizmodo

The length of the project sometimes makes it a little heavier and harder to stand in a very unstable position. But underneath it is a three-legged foot so if you come up with a three-legged leg that can stand on its own or wrap around something solid, you won’t have to worry about the object being shaken.


Media files can be accessed directly via the USB port, while consoles and moving sticks can be easily connected using the HDMI port.
Figure: Andrew Liszewski / Gizmodo

On the back of the R2-D2 you will find an AUX connector for those who just want to use the project as a speaker, an HDMI port for connecting consoles or a promotional device like Chromecast, a USB port for connecting an external car full of media files, and a USB-C port power consumption and charge the battery.

Unlike many projects that rely on external video, Anker Nebula Capsule II is a full-featured Android TV device that, combined with a strong wifi connection, can download content from services such as Disney +, HBO, and YouTube, all on their own. After a couple of weeks of work it makes you wonder why any projector doesn’t use Android TV, but there are some drawbacks. The project unfortunately does not meet Netflix’s complex capabilities, so you can’t install it natively from the Google Play Store. You can jump into the pockets and download Netflix yourself, or set up a special program designed by Anker that offers support. Although it works, navigating Netflix is ​​difficult unless you want to connect your mobile phone and use it as a wireless mouse. Unfortunately it’s not really good.

If Netflix support is necessary for you, it is best to purchase and connect an HDMI device such as the $ 50 Chromecast, although this will reduce all the benefits of the Nebula Capsule II.

Android TV’s remote features are a bit trivial and a bit frustrating, as it doesn’t have the features that are also available remotely from the latest Nvidia Shield, but it works. At the top of the project you will also find remote functionality that is defined via a number of non-touch buttons, which is great if the remote can go to MIA. One of the things that really impressed me was the speed with which the project worked. Just pressing the ‘input’ button upwards for a few seconds should be a bit tricky, but it won’t work, as it seems the most recent updates have compromised the functionality. Starting autofocus should be done by jumping on the Android TV screen and launching it via settings, which are annoying, or holding the center button at the top of the project. We believe this is something that can be fixed through future changes.


The project can look at itself and make changes to the stone on its own, but sometimes the interest decreases, and initiating a restart is not as easy as it should be.
Figure: Andrew Liszewski / Gizmodo

I haven’t been frustrated with small projects for a number of years, which is why I was surprised to find them so easy to set up now. Once the Nebula Capsule II is adjusted to the size of a large stone, although its potential is limited to vertical adjustments, then when you set up a test screen you will want to ensure that the project is rotated in front of your screen. The project was also a good idea to look at yourself using a pin that works for a while, but the look just goes slow because it heats up slowly when you use it. Sometimes a projector can detect and reset itself (the reconfigured camera detects when it is moved or re-installed, restart) but most of the time you don’t need to start autofocus, as I said before it’s not as easy as it should be.

About color graphics? This is probably the biggest problem in the Nebula Capsule II. It only works at 720p, which is why you will see jaggies at best, especially with lists and highlights. And in order to produce a rechargeable battery so that you can watch the entire video at the same rate, its brightness is limited to 200 ANSI lumens. In a very dark room bright enough to create a 100-inch and larger image if you can push it, but even if you pass a distance Nebula Capsule II can not be used during the day, whether it is cloudy or outside.


The remote site has a dedicated power button, but you can’t turn off the project using it. It can only be removed from the floor by using the back button, so you need to make sure that you do not overlap.
Figure: Andrew Liszewski / Gizmodo

If packing is a priority, the Anker Nebula Capsule II is one of the best options, especially for those looking for an easy way to enjoy a home movie on a hot summer night or while ‘hurting’ the camp. It’s easy to use, and a battery-connected speaker means you don’t need much more than a temporary interface and a reliable wireless connection to build temporary video players. But for $ 700 it’s hard to sell to anyone who hopes to use it to turn a big TV. Unless you have a specific destination in mind, you may be disappointed with the results.

We all love the R2-D2, but for another $ 300, a projector like 1080p, 1,000-lumen Epson Epiq Vision Mini EF12 looks like a better way around. It lacks the portability and ease of Anker Nebula Capsule II, but you can use it all day and just use your imagination to pretend to be a loyal droid.


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