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Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series 2 controller has dropped $ 40 right now

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If you are still interested in getting a gift after the holidays, Microsoft has reduced its cost at the end of the day. Xbox Elite Series 2 controller up to $ 140. That’s almost as low as Black Friday price $ 135, if you missed the sale at the end of November. Often $ 180, the highly adjustable Elite Series 2 is set as an upgrade for sports enthusiasts, with a wide range of advanced features including six adjustable rods, four rides, two d-pads, short haircuts, curved straps. , a portable wallet and three profiles – a useful tool if your interest is divided between several roles.

In terms of battery life, the controller voted 40 hours of wireless gaming time, and there is also a charging port in the packet in addition to that. In addition to wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, there is also a USB-C cable connection. In any case, the controller is compatible not only with Xbox games, but also PC roles.

If you’ve been watching Series 2, it’s important to note that we do not always see it on sale. Instead, the stock itself seems to be low right now – at the time of writing, Amazon doesn’t even have a Series 2 list, which is why Microsoft has it all, let alone at a price close to Black Friday. , it looks interesting.

Buy Elite Series 2 at Microsoft – $ 140

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