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Microsoft’s program for organizing meeting rooms also includes large displays and intermediate audio recordings

Some companies begin to convert their employees types of workplaces, Microsoft has done shared a new video Explain how it sees its Team programs being implemented. The diagram shows the shape of the adjusted rooms that can place students far away from the bottom of the display to look like they have a chair on the table. Above, two windows are provided for chat sessions and any items that need to be monitored and shown here.

Microsoft is considering new hardware upgrades to enhance the software. The screen displaying the Themes feature will be larger to make your friends look more alive. In addition, standardized cameras help keep the meetings natural. Intermediate audio, meanwhile, is available to make the sound heard from the person speaking through the window.

“Creating a common, inclusive start starts with making people who are not in the room,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in LinkedIn result Expressing the views of all companies on mixed work. “We want to make sure that those who join away are actually participants for the first time.”

For many companies, restoring Microsoft’s vision also includes investing in new tools. In one of the display rooms that the company is displaying, you can see it 85-inch Top Lived 2S to be at the center of the meeting. This is a “co-op show” Microsoft sells for $ 22,000. These changes are no longer limited to visuals. The best group activities include a high-end microphone mounted on the roof of the room and a smart camera to track participants.

Microsoft is not the only company that thinks of technologies that can work in integrated platforms. Earlier in the week, Google unveiled it Project Starline at its I / O software development conference. It is a combination of a specialized software program and a computer vision program that creates “magic windows” to make it sound as if the person you are talking to from a distance is in the same room with you.

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