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Microsoft’s marketing enhances cloud services and PC needs


Temporary sales of PCs and gaming consoles, as well as growing reliance during the epidemic on digital services delivered via the cloud, have hampered Microsoft’s financial performance in the first few months of this year, according to figures released Tuesday.

However, shares of the software company returned 3% after the market sale, giving some of the profits for this year.

It had already jumped 20% since the beginning of 2021, production Microsoft the best-selling retailer in the Big Tech industry and adding $ 400bn to its target price.

Satya Nadella, a senior, said recent statistics show that “digital curves” seen since the outbreak did not decrease, with customers shifting their focus to machine. “He’s in a hurry, and that’s just the beginning.”

Microsoft’s revenue rose by 19% in the recent quarter, to $ 41.7bn, while its per capita revenue rose 39%, to $ 1.95. Wall Street was expecting $ 41bn with profits on a single share of $ 1.77. Based on the accounting principles, which include a single tax return, the per capita income increased to $ 2.03.

Every segment of Microsoft has changed better than expected, while Cloud Intelligent’s business sees strong growth, at 23%. The growth of Azure, Microsoft’s cloud-based platform, slowed slightly, albeit by 46%, with the exception of monetary policy changes, ahead of many forecasts.

Corporate cloud computing companies – the most important means of digital services delivered from its integration platform – saw a 33% revenue increase, slightly lower than in the previous three months.

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As new cloud businesses led to growth, Microsoft’s financial performance also benefited from its traditional business – and border – PC software. The number of PCs sold worldwide increased by more than 30% in the first quarter, according to research firm Gartner. As a result, Microsoft’s revenue from selling Windows to computer manufacturers increased by 10%.

In addition to the 34% jump in Xbox sales following the launch of the new contract, Microsoft’s Personal Personal Computing shares recorded $ 13bn, which increased by 19%.


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