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Microsoft Runs Tank Man Search Engine on Bing

An example of a story called Microsoft Blames & # 39;  Human Error & # 39;  BETWEEN US ABOUT BING the results of Tiananmen Square & # 39;  Tank Man & # 39;

Drawing picture: Bing / Twitter / Shane Huntley (Fair Use)

By June 4, the 32th Anniversary of the unprecedented assassination in 1989 in Tiananmen Square, when Chinese militants crushed a pro-democracy group by opening and killing hundreds of protesters in Beijing.

The Chinese government does not like to talk about this, and it does not like it when others talk about it. It’s close to at the top of the long list of topics government agents were selected in all Chinese media and the internet as well coercive companies and other countries who do business with China not to bring. One photo, the world-famous photo of an unidentified man in business attire standing in a rolling tank to end the protests known as the “Tank Man,” is extremely complex. So it is strange that the search for this image on Bing, Yahoo Search, and DuckDuckGo search engines from the US did not bring results on Friday – something that Microsoft ran for repair.

All Friday afternoon, using Microsoft’s Bing-based search engine using the phrase “Tank Man” returned the message, “No results for tank man / Search your text or try other search terms.” (According to the Motherboard, the same is true in other countries outside the US, including France and Switzerland.) Yahoo Search, powered by Bing, returned results, We could not find results for: thank man. Try the suggestions below or write a new question above. ”DuckDuckGo results are back, in a nutshell“Sorry, no results here.” This was taken by others, such as former Reuters reporter for Joseph Menn’s defense, as a powerful example of China’s use of foreign technology companies to do business with Chinese companies.

It is absurd because the use of all (non-image) search for “Tank Man” also brings awareness of all three engines, including thumbnails. Using the search function with the well-known “Tank Man Tiananmen Square” also brings a lot of images on Bing and DuckDuckGo; using this question in Yahoo image search results with a minimum of 17 results.

Microsoft has done business in China for many years, with Bing found there. Like competitors like Apple, the company has always been associated with the needs of Chinese readers to maintain access to the largest market in the country, and to refine Bing’s impact on China on information that their government sees as difficult. However, the company said banning the effects of “Tank Man” photos in the US was not voluntary and the issue was being addressed.

“This is a result of human error and we are working to address this,” Microsoft said The prophet told Gizmodo via email.

By early Friday evening, the search for “Tank Man” on Bing is now bringing back a lot of results – even the most recognizable image just seems to go beyond the highly customizable computer graphics to hide the tanks.

One of the reasons why all three sites had a “Tank Man” problem was that a few search engines did not have access to the web and thus allow their indexes from Microsoft. As of Friday evening, the results of Yahoo’s images for this query were similar to those of Bing’s modification.

DuckDuckGo is closed within China and thus does not seem to have any search engine support, although it is also compatible with all Yahoo and Bing, the latter allowing its index from. The results appear to be set to begin on Friday evening.

Gizmodo reached out to Verizon Media, owned by Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo for comment. We change this if we hear it.

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