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Meta prohibits ad targeting from ads based on thousands of complex themes

Meta will be slightly damaged potentially harmful advertisements. The New York Times reports Meta and removal Details of the “thousands” ads of complex topics on Facebook, Instagram and other activities since January 19, 2022. This move will ban ads based on social, economic, political, religious and sexual orientation, among others. hard button press.

It’s a big move, and Meta knew that this could hurt other businesses and make better use of advertising. However, VP Graham Mudd said that the decisions that were made could lead to “bad experiences for people in unknown groups.” The online giant believes it can optimize its advertising platform to benefit everyone without compromising on business.

The company also gives you more power over the ads you see. At the beginning of the year 2022, you will have the opportunity to see smaller ads related to gambling, weight loss and other complex issues. You can already reduce alcohol advertising, parenting, pets and politics.

Strict advertising rules come the same day Recent Meta report and every effort to oppose whistle Frances Haugen’s allegations that the company prefers to take action with money rather than the lives of the users. A 2020 audit completed Meta failed to attempt to combat discrimination, including advertisements. The company eliminated tens of thousands of headliners in 2017 and 2018 (including anti-Semitic anti-Semitic groups), but there is continued pressure to show that Meta can clean up its advertising business.

Meta will still have a lot of ads, including site ads, audience and customer listings for licensed clients. However, this may force other retailers to reconsider their options. This can help reduce the number of fraudulent ads, but it can also reduce the value of the ads you see.

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