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Mercedes is advertising after the Chinese return to the eye for example | Business and Economy

The German company is the most recent major company experiencing the growing global consumerism of China.

Mercedes-Benz has removed video ads from its Chinese website, state media has said, after the video was leaked to international debates over what foreign companies are watching in Asia.

The video was posted on Weibo’s official Mercedes-Benz account on Saturday and was later removed due to non-compliance, the Communist Party’s Global Times newspaper reported.

“The design of these black women looks like a sloping eye and has sparked a heated debate from online users with many criticizing the fact that cosmetics reflect Western views about Asians,” the newspaper said Tuesday.

The report also included a photo of a video showing a woman who is apparently Chinese, though Bloomberg News did not see the entire range of advertisements. Emails and phone calls from Martin Sauber and Juan Zhou, Daimler AG’s Chinese media representative, have not been returned since Thursday morning.

The issue makes Mercedes-Benz the most popular social media target in China that has previously been heavily disrupted. Dolce & Gabbana, Hennes & Mauritz and others. Last week, a Chinese social media site appeared falsely claiming to be Walmart Inc. stopped selling items from Xinjiang at the Sam’s Club in Asia. Christian Dior SE stopped using a November photo that government journalists said was “smearing Asian women.”

Chinese internet users have recently been arguing over how the eyes of the nations are portrayed in advertising. Chinese company Three Squirrels Inc. recently apologized for an advertisement by Cai Niang Niang wearing makeup that enhances the look of her eyes, the South China Morning Post reported.

The example came back on Twitter as Weibo’s work, saying: “With a small eye, am I not Chinese? I totally agree with patriotism. However, creating big problems in nature has been very emotional.”

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The Global Times, a national newspaper, covered the Gucci brand in an article late Wednesday about the appearance of a model woman in a bag ad.

“Gucci was found to have an Asian-looking complexion with small eyes, ‘unusual’ makeup, an exaggerated nose ring and a leather wallet in his hands,” she said.

The article stated that although the model can be seen in a photo on Gucci’s Twitter account, only his hand holding the item can be seen on the company’s Weibo. Twitter is part of a media outlet that has been blocked by censors of the ruling Communist Party.

In 2018, Mercedes-Benz apologized for quoting the Dalai Lama on Instagram, a move that Global Times also criticized. The maker of the machine included a quote from a Tibetan spiritual leader in a post featuring a clear demonstration – “Look at the situation on all sides, and you will be free.”

Daimler said last week it would reduce its share in Denza’s electric car partnership with Chinese company BYD Auto Industry Co. BYD will own 90% of the business and Daimler 10% after transfers the companies’ plans to complete it by 2022, the manufacturer Mercedes-Benz said.

The deal began in March 2012. Its weak profits have been a source of concern for Daimler for years, even as sales of his luxury Mercedes cars continued in China.

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