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Melinda Gates Named 2019 Divorce Lawyers After NYTimes Reveals Bill Relationships To Jeffrey Epstein: WSJ

    In this Feb. file.  1, 2019, Bill and Melinda Gates smile at each other during a conversation in Kirkland, Wash.

In this Feb. file. 1, 2019, Bill and Melinda Gates smile at each other during a conversation in Kirkland, Wash.
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Melinda Gates began discussions with divorce lawyers in October 2019 after the New York Times first revealed that Bill Gates had met sex offender Jeffrey Epstein several times, according to a new report from Wall Street Journal. The report also looks at the long history of wealthy families disrupting the family, which Bill and Melinda announced last week by the same governmentshow the end of their marriage.

The New York Times reported on an earlier article August 12, 2019 that Bill Gates met Epstein, including a picture of Epstein and Gates standing near Epstein’s house in 2011. The 2011 meeting came three years after Epstein had pleaded guilty to two counts of felony criminal mischief in Floridanumber one “request for prostitution” and “request for prostitution with a child under the age of 18.”

Rumors abounded last week that Bill and Melinda split due to Bill and Epstein’s relationship, but this is the first time that a media report has shown such potential, though unnamed Journal sources.

From Wall Street Journal:

Ms. Gates consulted with divorce lawyers nearly two years before Mr. Gates, says their marriage has been “irreversibly broken,” according to people familiar with the matter and documents written by the Wall Street Journal.


The two did not say what caused the split. One of the things that upset Mrs. Gates was the actions of her husband and prosecutor Jeffrey Epstein, according to individuals and former charities, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Ms. Gates’ complaints about the relationship have since been resolved in 2013, a former employee said.

A Times report in 2019 revealed that Bill had visited Epstein’s home in Manhattan three times, and not immediately “once into the night”. When the meetings were unveiled in 2019, Gates said he was only meeting with Epstein about charitable work. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are extremely unprofitable, though it is not known why they would need help from a shy person like Epstein.

Bill would still claim to have met Epstein for no apparent reason, according to The Wall Street Journal.

According to the Journal, Ms. Gates and his advisers made several phone calls in October 2019 when the New York Times reported that Gates had met Epstein several times. Gates once stayed up late at night at Epstein’s home in Manhattan, the Times reported.

Mr. Bridgitt Arnold, speaking on behalf of Mr. Gates, said in 2019 that the developer and Epstein met several times to discuss charity. “Bill Gates complained that he had met Epstein and realized that it was wrong to judge,” Arnold said at the time.

A new Journal report states that Epstein died in prison in August 2019. And despite being convicted of suicide, there is widespread speculation that rich and powerful people could conspire to assassinate Epstein, leading to macabre meme, “Epstein did not commit suicide.”

The same Melinda met Epstein sometime in 2013, according to Everyday Life, that’s when it seems he knew something was wrong, although Chamoyo’s report provides ample opportunity for what Bill must have known.

“I would not say that many say,” the man told The Daily Beast of anonymity, referring to the people around Epstein who said he had no doubt that Epstein was torturing him. “If you ask Bill Gates, he’ll say, ‘Oh, I didn’t know he didn’t do anything moral.’ But I was very skeptical of Epstein’s behavior. ”

“The people around him,” said the man, referring to Epstein, “had a variety of things that he knew and did not know and how he devoted himself to.”

The man was not surprised that Melinda Gates was offended by Epstein, saying that “most people were unhappy with Epstein, completely relying on her sexuality”. “He was just an ugly person. He was about to be rude, careless at dinner … I could see how anyone, even no doubt, would want to be around him.”

What did Bill know and when did he know it? This is still visible in the air here. But now we know that Melinda was quick to find divorce lawyers who were on the phone the whole time Bill and Epstein’s relationship became known. Whatever Bill may be he knows about Epstein, Melinda was dissatisfied with all of this.

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