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McDonald has faced data breaches in the US, South Korea and Taiwan

McDonald’s is the largest organization ever held. According to Wall Street Journal, the most reprehensible he has intervened his systems have managed to steal a lot of customers and partners from their businesses in the US, South Korea and Taiwan. No customer information has been stolen from the US, in particular, but the thieves have not been found with information from U.S. and licensed holders. It also assists with other reserves, including living space and the size of the playground.

In South Korea and Taiwan, however, the burglars managed to steal most of the customer information, including people’s emails, phone numbers and delivery addresses. The names of the Taiwanese people and their contacts were stolen. Fast food is guaranteed Notes, however, that no information about the customer payment was affected by this breach.

The company realized this when it hired external consultants to investigate what was not allowed in internal security. McDonald’s cut short the one-week ban after being identified in three markets, and it shows that the costs of cyber security in recent years have been met with an immediate response. It should be noted that the researchers also advertised in South Africa and Russia, and McDonald’s will inform them of the opportunity to disclose their information.

“Going forward, McDonald’s will use its findings and reviews from security to find ways to improve our security,” said the food giant.

While the perpetrators created a lot of secrecy, redemption was not affected by these events in contrast to the threats that hit JBS, the Colonial Pipeline and many other organizations. JBS, one of the largest wholesalers in the US, he paid $ 11 million in compensation. Meanwhile, Colonial Pipeline paid its fighters 75 Bitcoins (approximately $ 4.3 million at the time) after the devastation caused oil shortages on the East Coast. That said, the DOJ ended recovery 63.7 Bitcoins for ransom paid for obtaining a secret key in a fake wallet.

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