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Maurice Animation’s wonderful Terry Pratchett Added David Tennant


David Tennant as Crowley in Good.

David Tennant as Crowley inside Positive Symptoms.
Figure: Amazon

Video editing of Terry ElderCarnegie medalist 2001 children’s book Wonderful Maurice and His Trained Rats has already begun to produce popular voices, but it seems there are always some extras. Now Doctor Who‘s David Tennant he took part in it Game of ThronesEmilia Clarke and HouseHugh Laurie, among many others.

Maurice Wonderful legend and legend resembling Pied Piper, who cleverly led the rats outside the city of Hamelin and its magic pipe, just to guide the children of the town after the city failed to pay him for his work. Pratchett’s book, part of his favorite Discworld series, is very different, with a clever cat named Maurice, a pack of similarly obedient rats, and a boy named Keith trying to persuade the town of Bad Blintz to work for Keith to lead the way. a new “rat infestation” away. Instead, they are confronted with aggressors, a rat king with magical powers, and much more.

In addition to what happens in the Amazon based on a book by Pratchett and Neil Gaiman Positive Symptoms, Tennant announced the rat of the Dangerous Bean on Radio 2003 Maurice Wonderful, it is reasonable to doubt that he will resume the task. So far, we know that Hugh Laurie has spoken to Maurice, and StabilityHimesh Patel was Keith’s son, Downton AbbeyHugh Bonneville as mayor of Bad Blintz, Emilia Clarke as daughter of mayor Malicia, and The Girl Has All The Gifts‘Gemma Arterton like a mousetrap. Wonderful WifeDavid Thewlis also has a star called Boss Man, who I believe is one of the most influential people but can’t be sure, because I haven’t read the book. Obviously I have to fix this.

Right now, Maurice Wonderful is preparing for its first appearance in 2022.

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