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Mattresses 15 Best Buys (2021): Foam Memory, Hybrid, Organic, Latex


Shopping for the best mattress on the internet is a nightmare, and the wrong picking can lead to bad dreams or kill your back. It doesn’t help that the online marketplace is full of options or that there is more dedicated mattress reading space than celestial stars. It’s a mess.

WIRED is not a dedicated hostel, but us he said fill the room with 25 top mattress-in-box models and spent a few days unboxing, reviewing, leaning, and even jumping on any of them last year. Since then we have tried 12 more. Below are some of my favorite (and least favorite) mattresses right now. All the trees on display are for the queen’s main species.

Be sure to check out our details buy guides, including The Best Sound Machine and our collection great gifts for people who love to sleep.

Updated November 2021: Added Hours, Keetsa, Avocado Green, and MyGreenMattress for kids, and promoted Casper to the final.

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Matt Jancer, Louryn Strampe, and Scott Gilbertson contributed to the book.

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