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Mattel Cuts Out The Speech About The Amazing Travel Guide From Job Advertising

Mattel's Photo Wanted Remote Workers To Succeed With Regular Emergency Trips From The Boss

Figure: Richard Drew (AP)

Toymaker Mattel has removed the language from a remote description of the American Girl who claimed to have been nominated employees should be “informally visited” from supervisors during work hours. However, that was not the only thing that raised eyebrows sending work.

Shipping to “Customer Home Customer Service,” which handles customer orders over the phone, he found strength in recent days after pictures of the obscene essentials shared on social media. In addition to the unexpected unpredictable visits from the boss, the job also required designated employees to work on the doorstep without any “distractions,” providing their own high-speed internet, and being free to “care for others.”

The company, with brands like Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, and Masters of the Universe, he did not leave out details about his needs. For example, the workplace of closed doors had to be free of distractions or background noise (such as pets, children, machines, music, or speech), ”According to a picture about the Twitter post. Mattel also emphasized in writing that elected officials should “look for work” and not take care of people or animals.

“Freed from certain responsibilities – you should look for work and not take care of others (children, the elderly, pets, etc.),” ​​the company wrote in a statement describing the work.

Apparently Mattel didn’t find the memo we live in here plague, the worst case scenario it has ever maintained children at home for several months I have been ill of more than 46 million Americans, some of whom had to stay home when they got sick.

Mattel confirmed to Gizmodo on Friday that the job description was correct but also stated that he had been fired in early October. The company said it had hired 250 employees to work with in 2021.

Attel’s American Girl section told Gizmodo this “It prides itself on providing staff support and ensuring information security for our customers.” Defining information security seems like the description requires an uncluttered working environment, however it does not explain why there can be no “interference” or “background noise.” The employer may have never worked in an office.

“Our Customer Service Responsibilities process customer orders, which require individuals to have a secret operating environment to protect and maintain customer privacy,” a company spokesman said. “While security is an important part of the process, job descriptions also do not include language about unplanned travel, which has never been used.”

Although it is good to know that these unexpected visits were not used, the company still maintained its other requirements. Surprisingly, Mattel was able to hire everyone for the position, with the exception of 250 people. Because it didn’t want people, it they wanted robots like humans without need and life.

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