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Master Microsoft Azure, Ansible and Git for $ 30 are the first four courses


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Azure is one of the largest platforms in the world, and has a wide range of tools that give you access to machines, web applications, SQL repositories and much more. However, like any program, Azure comes with a learning curve. Fortunately, can help you navigate this idea, and is currently on sale for 97% for only $ 30.

The Most Important bundle of Microsoft Azure Certification gives you one year to get four courses with a total of 30 hours. In that time, you will find tips for running the cloud with Azure, receiving tutorials on Git, making playbooks and much more. With a full year of practice, you will have more time to learn on your journey and deadline, and the lessons and tools you learn can go beyond that lifetime.

All of these courses are offered by Certs School, an online learning platform that provides training to help students grow their careers and meet professional exams with ease. These include project management planning tools, data analytics and, of course, power platforms such as Azure.

The course includes Ansible Foundation Training tutorials, which provide instructions on how to use and install Ansible 2.0, a tool that can help you create playbooks, monitor cloud space and configure network tools running on Linux or Windows machines. Ansible is an important tool when working with Azure, and it also helps with other things outside the cloud, which is why learning is so important in itself.

Git is another useful tool that you can find in this pocket, and it is essential for any programmer. This course will teach you how to use to complete your mission at Azure by compiling a three-part series in Git, and creating branches and repositories and using GitHub.

Otherwise cost $ 1,000, , or 97 percent discount.

Prices may change

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