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‘Mario Party Superstars’ revive boards and old games

Nintendo released Mario Party Superstars on October 29th, it will give fans the opportunity to re-discuss some of their favorite past games. Very strange We’ll have five old boards from the time of the Nintendo 64 release. In particular, Nintendo showed off a Peach birthday cake and Peach’s Space Land. In addition to the good looks, the tablets are also incorporating new features and benefiting from the tweaks and enhancements introduced by Nintendo Super Mario Party in 2018.

The lustful play doesn’t end with wood, however. Very strange There are also more than 100 minigames on the list. If there are any events you remember fondly from Mario Party’s previous games, you have the opportunity to be included in this package. Best of all, with the help of a full button, you do not have to withstand any movement. And with the help of many people on the Internet, you can find people to play with even when your friends are not there.

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