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Many U.S. retailers lose the mask of customers with a complete vaccine

Starbucks and Target are some of the largest U.S. companies to review their mask plans after the country’s health agency said last week that people with complete immunizations should not be re-wearing them at home.

The U.S. agency for the Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday that people with complete immunizations may be able to don’t close your eyes in many places internal and external, unless done according to countries or businesses.

The release of the ban has left businesses busy rethinking their principles on wearing masks. Some major retail chains such as Walmart, Costco and Trader Joe have removed the requirements for the sale of vaccines over the weekend, while others such as Macy’s retailers are retaining their masks position for now.

Target said on Monday that infected clients and staff will no longer need to wear masks, but that “masks continue to be strongly available to guests and team members who are not completely vaccinated”.

As of Monday, Starbucks customers with full immunizations have the option of not having a mask, as long as local laws allow, the company said. In CVS, vaccinated clients will not need to wear masks, even if medical professionals continue to do so.

The idea of ​​abandoning the need for face masks for those who received the vaccine came as Covid-19 cases and in the hospital keep falling in the US. About 40% of people have a complete vaccine.

But the CDC’s announcement means that businesses and consumers must rely on trust, which leads to suspicion and resentment. Considering the legitimacy and ethics produced by prospects for passport vaccinations, companies are not looking for evidence of vaccines from customers, meaning that non-vaccines can enter without a mask.

National Nurses United, the largest nursing organization in the US, has criticized the CDC ruling, which Bonnie Castillo, director general, said “does not only protect public health, but also endanger the lives of patients, nurses, and other frontline workers across the country.”

“This is not a time for rest, and we are angry that the CDC has done this while we are in the midst of a deadly epidemic in the last 100 years,” he added.

Other U.S. states have also moved to release their mask guidelines to comply with CDC reforms, including Colorado and Pennsylvania. Few, such as Texas, had already abandoned the requirements of the mask.

New York will follow the guidelines that have been changed since May 19, governor Andrew Cuomo announced Monday, though he said masks would still be needed in other areas such as hospitals and public transportation.

The CDC considers people to be vaccinated two weeks after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or the second dose of Moderna or BioNTech / Pfizer. The new guidelines were developed based on indications that people with adequate immunizations may not be infected with the coronavirus or spread the virus to others, the agency said.

Some vaccinated people continue to wear masks, believing that the number of vaccinated people across the country should be much higher before they are free to remove their masks together.

“I don’t think more people have the vaccine. I just thought [the CDC] “said Cathie English, a reiki educator from California.” We need to get the best vaccine. My husband and I have a complete vaccine but I will wear a veil when I stay indoors. “

Update Peter Wells reports in New York

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