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Manchester Utd fans are up against the Glazers after the Super League collapsed


Manchester United fans stormed the English football stadium on Sunday to protest against the team’s owners, the family of American billionaire Glazer, and their alleged failure to join. left the Super League terrorists.

Fans at Old Trafford sang songs, lit fires and placards demanding the Glazers leave Manchester.

The protests led to a delay and a suspension of club matches against Liverpool, which is owned by John Henry of Fenway Sports Group, an American financier who apologized to fans for his support of the Super League.

Fans have “the freedom to speak freely and to protest peacefully,” Manchester United said in a statement. “However, we are concerned about the disruption of the team and the risk to fans, staff, and the police.”

The Premier League added: “We understand and respect the power of feeling but we condemn violence, criminal misconduct and wrongdoing, especially for violating Covid-19 rules.”

Joel Glazer, chairman of the club, apologized last month after he was forced to resign from a job that failed to make the Super League for the top clubs in Europe. including Spain Real Madrid and Juventus of Italy.

Followers at Old Trafford © Oli Scarff / AFP / Getty

According to the guidelines, start-up clubs would be given a competitive advantage every year, which is in stark contrast to the European football culture in which clubs compete in high-profile competitions.

Fans remain angry that Manchester United supported the Super League. Their unhappiness with the Glazers resumed the couple’s purchase in 2005, a seven-and-eight-million-dollar purchase that left him in debt, mortgage and mortgage. The family also brings out profits from the club, which are available in the football business.

Gary Neville, a former Manchester United player and legend, told Sky Sports that it was time for the Glazers to sell the club, which has not won a Premier League title since 2013.

“It would be an honorable thing to do,” he said.

Prior to the game, Ed Woodward, Manchester United’s second-in-command, who announced his resignation at the end of the year after receiving a Premier League offer, apologized to the fans for the team’s support of the left-wing team.

“I can assure you that we have learned something. . . and we don’t want any more revival of Super League plans, “he told the audience at a press conference on Friday.


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