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Man City v Chelsea: Champions League final show | Football Stories

The season marked by the impact of the coronavirus and fears of a Super League climax is in full swing on Saturday, with Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola and Chelsea’s Thomas Tuchel taking part in the final of the English Champions League in Porto.

He is the last player in Europe’s top club competition to play between two Premier League teams, and the second in just three days.

Has any team won the Champions League?

Chelsea have faced this in Europe before, beating Bayern Munich on penalties in late 2012. They have won the Europa League twice since then.

Manchester City make their final appearance in the Champions League.

But not all employers are so new. Spanish boss Pep Guardiola wants to win the Champions League for the third time after leading Barcelona to victory in 2009 and 2011.

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel wants his first win in the Champions League. Last season, the German took Paris St-Germain to the final, losing 1-0 to Bayern Munich.

How have both sides fared this season?

City won the English Premier League and the League Cup, third in a row and fifth in seven days.

Meanwhile, Chelsea have finished fourth in the league and lost the FA Cup final to Leicester.

Chelsea beat City twice this season, 1-0 in FA Cup matches and 2-1 away in the Premier League on May 8. But City defeated the Blues in London 3-1 in January.

What time does it start?

The game is on Saturday, May 29, at 9pm (19:00 GMT).

Where does the last one play?

The finals will be held at the Estadio do Dragao, home of FC Porto. It was originally set up at Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul but the COVID-19 ban means UEFA decided to change the venue earlier this month.

Why are the local people angry?

The final decision to release the COVID-19 final regulations angered locals as hundreds of England fans without masks filled the bars of Porto on Friday night.

Some people in Porto fear exposure to coronavirus, a highly contagious disease that has spread to other parts of England after it was first identified in India.

Some have been frustrated that foreign fans may enter the stadium but locals have been banned from playing for months.

โ€œWhen he opens it [the stadiums] for English, it should be opened [them] all, “said Alexandre Magalhaes, marching through Porto, which was packed with fans.

A Twitter user wrote: “This is a disgrace to anyone who continues to follow health laws.”

Are fans allowed to enter the stadium?

Up to 16,500 fans – at 33% of the stadium – are allowed to enter the stadium for the last time.

Each party was given 6,000 tickets for their sponsors. Another 1,700 tickets were issued to the public.

What do you have for the winners?

The cup stands 73.5cm (28.9 inches) tall and weighs 7.5kg (16.5 pounds).

Both teams have already qualified for next season’s games because of their league.

Will there be a VAR?


How many places are allowed?

Five. If the latter, such as the UEFA Europa League, passes over time, both sides will be allowed to make a sixth.

Which house group?

Manchester City following a recording that took place in March.

‘Great opportunity’ at Chelsea

Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta urged his team-mates to make history and showed that all who questioned the club’s importance this season were wrong.

“We know this is a great opportunity. It took me nine years to get back to the finals in the Champions League at the club, then it is a great opportunity for everyone,” the Spanish defender said.

โ€œWe played very good teams, we did very well. And that’s the last part and we want to take it.

“Maybe a lot of people are skeptical of the club, of this club but we are back at the end of the Champions League and now all we have to do is leave everything out tomorrow. We want to make history and we have it in front of us. โ€

City ‘will struggle to win final’

Guardiola, meanwhile, believes his side should “suffer” if they want to beat Chelsea.

“I’m convinced we have to work hard to win the final,” he told a news conference Friday.

โ€œOften, in the end you will have to suffer. You need to be courageous. Change the bad times that happen. In the end, we have to be alone and make a good game.

“Everyone should take care of it as they wish.”

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