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Major Water Recovery Work Can Reduce Drought


Lake Mead, which supplies water to 25 million people in West America, weakened to 36 percent of its power. Another rural group in California is complete dehydration after breaking well in early June. Fields remain low, while farmers sell their plots of water instead of growing crops, and provide food for the land at risk.

As the West dries up due to the drought, lawmakers in the U.S. Congress have begun HR 4099, a bill that will help the Secretary of the Interior to develop a $ 750 million water rehabilitation program for 17 Western countries through 2027. (The bill, which was introduced at the end of June, he is currently on the Environment House Committee.)

“This is starting to become our new habit – 88% of white people are a little tired of the drought,” said Representative Susie Lee (D-Nevada), who introduced bilu. “Lake Mead is the lowest point since the Hoover Dam was built. And the Colorado River has been in a drought for more than two decades. ”

During all this time, the population and the economy of the western United States have been growing, resulting in very little water. “We have, I think, a lot of people – one. And the agricultural area is much larger – two, ”says Representative Grace Napolitano (D-California), who wrote the bill. “Climate change is exacerbating the problem.”

Part of the answer, lawmakers say, is to make money to build more places that can recycle sewage from our sinks, toilets, and our showers. You may think it is silly and ridiculous, but the technology is already there – it has been happening for half a century. The process is simple. The treatment plant absorbs waste water and adds microbes that utilize natural resources. Water is pumped through special tubes that filter out organic matter, such as bacteria and viruses. In fact, water is blown up by UV light to kill microbes. The resulting leakage can be contained too white cannibalism: When you drink it, these substances can produce salts in your body, which is why the site should add salt. (I once he drank last. They like like … water.)

H2O can be pumped secretly into the water, and then released on demand, cleaned, and shipped to customers. Or it can be applied to things that are impossible, such as farming or industrial methods.

Basically, you are drinking the black water that is often assisted and pumped into the oceans – a real waste, and a return to the shores of the earth’s water, making them resilient. Michael Kiparsky, director of the Wheeler Water Institute at the University of California, Berkeley, said: “One of the factors that makes water so valuable is its reliability.” “Depending on the urban environment and the production of wastewater, it can be improved. They provide reliable sources of water – even in the dry season when water is scarce and finding alternatives is difficult or impossible. ”

WIRED technology for Climate Change

The world is warming, the weather is getting worse. Here is all you need to know about what people can do to stop destroying the earth.

Reclaimed water is also safe, in other words: Injecting it into the ground to restore the water supply to save it during a drought. This should be especially important in West America, as climate change may cause severe drought and futting is the force of rain. Taking examples from meteorologists indicates that future storms will be more severe, but occur more frequently. And by the end of the century, the snowcapped peaks – which normally run through much of the western waters until melted to the depths of spring — are said to be extinct by half.

“Our hydrologic cycle will be unpredictable,” says Rafael Villegas, program manager. NEXT job at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Energy, which has been reclaiming water since the 1970s as a result of inefficient use. “With the growing population, not only here in California, but also in water sources – Nevada, Arizona, and Northern California – you can expect more of these machines. So we’re on the edge of the grass, aren’t we? We need to start thinking about how we can do better with the water we have do with them? ”


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