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Magic Leap 2 is coming to an end later this year, says CEO Peggy Johnson


Matsenga Leap is planning to unveil its next title that could take place later this year, and CEO Peggy Johnson revealed in an interview with Protocol when the sale will be sold. Fewer episodes will be released through the launch program by the end of 2021, and the company plans to make Magic Leap 2 available in early 2022.

The upcoming headline will be half the size of the current model and 20% lighter, Johnson said. Despite these changes, Johnson said engineers have increased their performance in Magic Leap 2. “Optics around that are complex, but we have a very professional team,” he said.

The company says only sold 6,000 units yes The magic of Leap One Maker in the first six months it was found. It later moved away from the consumer market and into business.

Johnson, who became CEO in August following dismissal, confirmed to Protocol that his team “is focused on the task of establishing Magic Leap 2.” He also said that the medical sector was very attractive to the company. “Reality can change more care than any other industry, in the near future,” Johnson said.

Magic Leap competes with some of the biggest players in the reality team, some of which are very important for consumers. Facebook, apple, Pokémon Pitani software Chaku Niantic and Picture all working on AR equipment. Last month, Microsoft beat Magic Leap for a 10-year deal worth $ 21.9 billion submit AR expertise to the US Army.

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