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Madrid’s prime minister wants to take advantage of the situation

In a recent stint, as he promoted high school students through the windows of their closets, the rising star in Spanish politics linked the amount of his support with Madrid’s desire for a free one.

“It’s like an explosion, from any group, from any group of people, in favor of freedom, in response to such a difficult time,” Isabel Diaz Ayuso told the Financial Times, referring to the impact of the epidemic in Madrid and the frustration with voters over government restrictions.

The 42-year-old girl is a strange thing, blocking the leader of her People’s Conservative People’s Party, Pablo Casado, who is trying to reinvent herself in contrast to the clear message of Díaz Ayuso, who is happy and critical of Covid’s ideas.

“Freedom” is the motto of his campaign – a voice that echoes through his party’s post as he seeks re-election as head of the Madrid government in a May 4 vote to cover anything in international life.

The poll shows that Díaz Ayuso has doubled the number of seats in the district convention – increasing PP votes by 20% – although he may want the right Vox party to protect the majority. The researchers say the results of such success will be significant, and understandable to all countries.

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“The election in Madrid seeks to determine the future of freedom in Spain,” said Máriam Martínez-Bascuñán, a political scientist at an independent university in Madrid. “Ayuso is citing his political example of self-restraint – moving to the right, even Trump’s actions in which he comes out with interesting remarks that disrupt discussions on the issue.”

Two topics appear in Díaz Ayuso’s story: the descent to the left and the success of Madrid.

Pablo Iglesias, leader of the party after leaving Podemos, to leave his role as deputy prime minister to run in the Madrid competition to boost his party’s economy, Díaz Ayuso said: “Spain has a debt to me”. He once joked that “when people call you Fascists you know. . . you are doing right in history. ”

In the past he lamented that it was “unfair to treat Madrid like other states” and last week said one of the things that made Madrid so comfortable was that “you can change partners and your ex will never find you again.”

“Do not compare Ayuso with Thatcher or Merkel but more than Reagan,” said the former PP minister. “They connect with people, they come out with memorable words, they have fun.”

Díaz Ayuso was less well-known when he won a title in Madrid two years ago after the Socialists’ election campaign failed to reach an agreement.

Isabel Diaz Ayuso’s face finds bottles of beer in a bar in Madrid © Sergio Perez / Reuters

Despised in the past as a woman who by other occupations had run a Twitter story of a former Madrid boss dog dogs, in this contest he taught his fire not to a Socialist colleague but to the head of his party: Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

Díaz Ayuso is one of the few Western European leaders who has opposed what he sees as the outbreak of coronavirus, moving closer than most of his contemporaries to the governor’s skepticism. Texas, Florida and South Dakota in the US.

Opponents say they allow the disease to spread out of hand after a long period of PP rule where there was not enough money in the body.

While at the beginning of the epidemic an area of ​​6.6m in Madrid had a high prevalence of coronavirus and mortality in Europe, at present there are some of the highest in Spain but below milingo in countries such as France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Poland.

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“The high population density in Madrid means that if we had not been infected, people would not have survived,” Díaz Ayuso said. “That’s why we have chosen the middle class that works, so that people can live their lives without corruption – but where there are restrictions… For example, it is very difficult for Madrid to close at 11pm. Or in some areas, everything will end at 8pm.”

Díaz Ayuso launched the election two years after a non-aligned coalition with Centrist Ciudadanos. In the race, the party’s support seems to have run out, with the PP gaining almost all of their votes. These elections are also likely to give a tense story to Iglesias and to the left of Podemos, who are taking the fifth place.

Meanwhile, polls show that Socialists are losing votes to a left-wing party called More Madrid. The humble defeat of Díaz Ayuso in such a contest would do nothing to expand Sánchez’s capital, although on the left there is hope that both the PP and Vox factions will lose many.

The Socialists now claim that the election comes as a result of a choice between “fascism and democracy” – meaning the huge role Vox could play in giving Díaz Ayuso after the vote.

The chaos sparked by the contest could also affect the PP of Díaz Ayuso, a party whose history seems to be growing. One research Last week it was revealed that in the general election Casado, the leader of the PP party, only demanded support from three-thirds of Díaz Ayuso’s voters.

That was the message that came as Madrid officials suspended their campaign recently at a Catholic school. “I like what he does in Madrid; my husband still has a job because he hasn’t closed hospitality companies“Said Maria, a kitchen worker who had just taken a picture with Díaz Ayuso.” Compared to Casado, she has won more votes. “

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