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Lyike Bike-New Lyft Bike: Testing, Ideas, Information

The Lyft ebike display between the handlebars will show the starting point (such as running and battery level) and has a speaker to announce the opening and stop instructions. But the company says it is only playing with other activities, such as travel.

This brings us to the next big change: communication. Unlike the current situation in the Lyft fleft, this new model has Wi-Fi and GPS. For riders, the bike is easy to find using the road map in the app, especially in markets where bikes are not available. But the new connection also allows Lyft to make firmware updates in the air, whether it eliminates bugs or new features. It can also monitor stolen bicycles or inspect hardware in real time. Shambat claims that nothing has been said about it.

There are also safety sensors on the bike as well, and these can detect problems such as dead batteries, broken button locks, or faulty brakes on the support panel. This is important, especially considering that Lyft is supposed to commemorate the hundreds of ebikes in its fleet in 2019 after many casualties were injured from brake failure.

“They are all talking,” Shambat said. “We want to know how things are going, so we keep a close eye on it.”

Despite its size and bulkier, this new ebike is still operating in existing locations. Choose stations that will soon be electrified to replace the baskets when they arrive, but most will still see support teams switching batteries as needed. Highly adjusted preferences on modified models mean that batteries will not need to be replaced frequently.

All of this does not mean that motorcycles that are moving are not moving away. Cities restrict the number of motorcycles found in ships. Lyft, for example, says New York City allows only 20% of its fleet to be electric: about 4,300 out of 22,000 bicycles. These limits can be widened when ebikes become popular.

Ebike Boom

Since the US closed in early 2020, the use of electric bicycles has increased. Ebike’s sales grew 137% in 2020 in 2019, according to the NPD Group. Samantha Herr, executive director of the North American Bikeshare Association, says ebikes are also very important in cycling programs.

“In our 2019 we shared a small movement of companies-reporting, We found that ebikes were used more in practice than traditional bicycles, “says Herr.” We also found that 15% of motorbikes were ebikes, and about 20% of cities with cycling segments in North America also look at ebikes. We see that number increasing. “(The 2020 report will arrive this summer.)

With restrictions on long-distance travel and insecurity during the epidemic, cities closed traffic routes and reopened bicycles and other minor modes of transport, such as electric scooters.

“It was really good,” Herr says. “We can see that there is reason to be quick to respond to what happened during the Covid era, and there is a rapid pace of change for a long time. I reflect on what was already happening.”

But ebikes are still new ways to travel to many places in the US, and this brings new challenges. Which, accidents. Jennifer Dean says motorists and pedestrians did not use it to test the speed of electric bikes.

“You can’t judge right if you try to cross the road in front of what you think is a traditional bike, or you’re making a car on the right or left and that bike is coming much faster than you think,” Dean says. “That’s why we see injuries, and these injuries are related to the ignorance of road users.”

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