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Love Letter of the Best News of Grand Theft Auto

On Staunton Island, Cipriani takes services from Donald Love, who may not be encouraged by another reporter and will change his mind. In contrast to GTA Third, Donald’s younger and smarter genius seems to have come out in Phillips Exeter and Yale, just staring at “Antonio” for his political preferences and fun music.

Cipriani began on a new island and assassinated Mayor RC Hole, in a way that made one star wanted (thus, how popular he was), and ruined the campaign of Miles O’Donovan, who wanted a mayor for his results. Mu “Voting guidance, “Cipriani, and you stand up, you player, drive the car to hear the lies:” O’Donovan hates America “and” Donald Love is a war hero. “

Indeed, the former Rockstar of 2005 predicted what even the political rescue scientists missed.

Love, with Cipriani as a strong, is destroying votes with a voting machine, standing up for nothing to win. And despite a general denial that the Entertainment Software Rating Board has never complained about the AO’s head, it says Donald Love is also a cannibal, including the flesh of critics, including Liberty Tree journalist Ned Burner and former real estate consultant Avery Carrington.

GTA goes there, but with a certificate Rockstar joke. “Listen, Don, we have to win this election. OK, we have to make sure there are no bones in the cupboard, if you know what I mean, ”Cipriani warns.

And even if Donald eventually flees to the International Airport with the help of Cipriani, you would be foolish to think that he would not try to return to Liberty City soon.

Vice City News

Vice City News takes us back to the 1980s in Miami, two years ago Vice City. With the exception of Tommy Vercetti and the Scarface story, the saga revolves around Victor Vance, the second black Theft Auto after him San Andreas‘Carl “CJ” Johnson lit the way. Unlike CJ, or Franklin in GTA V, Victor Vance has a battlefield, not one removed from the hood.

Vance hopes to get only the money from the military, but this rises in smoke because of Jerry Martinez’s power. After his release from prison, Vance takes on a number of unusual jobs for arms dealer Phil Cassidy, who, like Donald Love, is his favorite in the industry.

In a successful ministry, “Boomshine Explosion,Vance drives a fork in the middle of the fireplace to retrieve boomshine boxes — not to be distracted by the moonlight. Except, every good catechism is delivered in a Cassidy car, the new trash restores your way. Another entry “Domo Arigato Domestoboto, ”It plays on the brutal bombshell and involves directing a Short Dera-a worker robot to break a safe environment, all the while doing (tedious) household chores. All Vice City News and Liberty City News, instead of falling short of the PSP, use the mobile game to create the original.

Victor Vance is not really interested in the original story, being drawn in many ways by other enthusiastic and active people, including Cassidy. A middle character like Tommy Vercetti / Ray Liotta is not.

As soon as Vance reaches the second island, he begins to start again. Often on television, the so-called black people live alone on the island, with no black friends or family to talk to – they have been completely removed from their community. Mu Vice City News, however, it seems that we have two characters: Vance, who does all of the books, and his brother Lance, a little devil on his shoulder. Soon the two get deeply involved with the Drug Enforment Administration, and I can’t remember the last time I saw two black men working together for so long on a video game.

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