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Logitech has been able to create Harmony integrations

After a long hiatus without hardware updates, Logitech finally announced what most of us thought was coming. TechHive he says post on support forums confirming that Logitech will no longer make it Related.


While Harmony remotes are available and continue to be available through a variety of vendors, advances Logitech no longer makes Harmony vessels.

We hope our customers are not affected by this. We plan to support our Harmony team and new Harmony customers, who combine access to your apps and apps to set up and manage your remotes. We plan to continue to upgrade the platform and add equipment to our Harmony website. Customers with guaranteed support will continue to be provided.

Across the company has been among the best – and in recent years, the only choice – for home theater users who want a more traditional design that can connect everything in the living room and smart home. However, especially as companies like Google, Apple and Amazon have expanded their reach and expanded HDMI-CEC to integrate controls across multiple devices, the global remote market is more exciting than ever.

When Logitech planned to sell the divisions in 2013 before you store them in the house, this time the sales line ends, with the leftovers being sold through the sellers until all is gone. If you are thinking of carrying away Harmony, or just taking one so you can change, we violated the regulatory framework at the end of last year to help you choose the one that best suits your setting. Logitech is currently setting a goal of helping and supporting (but probably not the latest) of “as long as customers use it.”

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