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LG’s ThinQ recipe new service comes from Amazon and Walmart

As usual, LG has unveiled its most recent CES 2022 device, but this time it has come up with a strange twist: a recipe-making project. The ThinQ Recipe Program will allow users to select up to 10,000 recipes, the app adds ingredients to your menu to be shipped from Walmart or Amazon Fresh.

LG has teamed up with SideChef for the app, allowing you to cook everything from one recipe to a weekly meal plan. They also use Draw and Cook The Foodspace Technology component that looks for coding on other cold and ready-to-cook foods, and sends cooking instructions to LG ThinQ compatible ovens.


The new one was designed to work with the latest LG InstaView Double Range oven and Over-the-range microwave. The first uses the LG InstaView technology which gives you the ability to see inside the device by double tapping the glass. It also uses the technology of LG’s ProBake convection tech with Air Fry and Air Sous Vide, while the microwave provides LG’s Steam Cook technology to keep the food moist in cooking.

New ThinQ-enabled devices will be on display at the LG exhibition at CES 2022 from January 5, although LG did not say when the app and its equipment will be on sale. CES 2022 i it was designed to continue next week in Las Vegas, LG, Samsung and Sony still volunteered as they wrote. Other companies including Amazon, Google, Meta and Lenovo have stopped participating worldwide, however.

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