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LG’s OLED R TV is available in the US, if you can afford it


Three years later CES 2019 appearance, LG’s OLED R TV is finally available in the US – don’t expect to find it at your Best Buy local. In the obvious change is HD Guru, LG has recently updated its global website to add “Ask To Buy“button on the OLED R commercial page. Based on the Internet Archive, it seems that the process has been in place since April 6. Its hit gives you notices of a common business representative.

Not listed on US prices on this page. In South Korea, where LG has sold OLED R since last October, it is devastating 100 million KRW. With that in mind, it’s about $ 89,000. For that money, you get a 4K TV that can have a variety of formats depending on the size of the band you want to watch. In Line View, for example, the only part of the show is displayed to show the time, season and direction of the music. In addition to hiding the window, it is also possible to minimize the need to avoid writing letters while watching a movie. Additional features include the support of AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, as well as a variety of voice-assisted assistants.

Fortunately, if you are looking for a cheap OLED, LG’s 2021 List starts with the most affordable $ 1,299 at the 48-inch set to be sold in June. Even the LG C1’s smaller family models don’t revert to an average OLED R, at 48-inch colors at a cost of $ 1,499. And if you have a good TV, you can find a variety of offices Useful chalk less than $ 100.


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