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LG says it has stopped making phones

LG has played a key role in the intervention closing his mobile business. LG’s last phones are out of line and the company is no longer making them phones After Monday, according to Asia Business Daily. Engadget has teamed up with LG to confirm.

The company announced in early April to reduce its mobile phone business, but only made phone calls for a few months to finalize a deal with mobile phone companies. A factory in Vietnam where LG made most of its phones is converted into a home appliance machine, Asia Business Daily reports.

After years of losing money At this stage, LG said it would kill a business that failed by the end of July, even though it could still sell some equipment later. People who buy an LG phone still receive it up to three years of Android system updates. The company will also offer four years of subsequent sales from the date of manufacture. For now, the company is he says sold a few of the Velvet 2 Pro and LG Rollable, which the company owns exhibited at CES in January, especially for workers in South Korea.

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