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LG Display ‘Shelf’ OLED The latest LG Display is able to display or add graphics


Nothing screaming future technology as OLED screens, and the LG Display is just around the corner revealed his latest ideas and prototypes of CES 2022, On the beach reports. All the ideas were created by LG Display (an independent electronics company LG Electronics) from 55-inch 1080p OLED panels with 40 percent transparency using its eighth generation generation technology.

The most striking color is the OLED Shelf which is made from two 55-inch OLED displays mounted one on top of the other and mounted on a shelf. The idea is that you can display the artwork in a single window and explain the art below, for example. It also has a sheet of transparent material that can be cast as a shadow to make the display look like a stable, invisible OLED. At the same time, if the screen is turned off and the unsightly objects are wrapped, you can see objects behind the screen as real art.

LG Display

Some displays are designed primarily for advertising clients. Shopping Managing Showcase can be put in front of the material, adding images or visual effects of VFX to enhance. The Show Window, meanwhile, is able to display visuals that look like the front of the costume or other objects to make the show look better. LG Display said the latter colors are already being used in fashion stores in Seoul and even in Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

LG Display kale showed a variety of curved displays, including a continuous screen that rotates around a stationary bike and the distorted view of the Media Chair. The new visual displays are ideas and prototypes only, but they did On the beach to enable customers to turn them into objects and that the OLED Shelf is ready for production.

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