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Lego adds Luigi to his Super Mario list

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The program of very straightforward ideas it was true – Lego said revealed Luigi’s tool to match it Super Mario Styles. Section 280 of the Luigi Starter Course is available pre-order now for $ 60 and provides you with relevant electronic information (including actions and interviews), and a voice and form of a plumber that is often overlooked. You can earn some money by completing real and real challenges, such as downloading the Boom Boom or connecting with the new Pink Yoshi.

As you might expect, the device integrates with other sets of Lego Super Mario, including video packs and power.

You need to be patient. Luigi Starter Course arrives in Japan for the first time on July 10, and should be available worldwide on August 1. However, this is good news for families with multiple children, not to mention anyone who wants Lego to install “Bros” Super Mario Bros. game collection.

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