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LA Records No New Covid Death First Over The Year When Life Begins


Jennifer Lopez performs at the Global Citizen's 'VAX LIVE: A World Reconciliation Concert' in Los Angeles County on May 2, 2021, a sign confirming that life at LA Nature is recovering, as she says.

Jennifer Lopez performs at Global Citizen’s ‘VAX LIVE: Concert to Reunite the World’ in Los Angeles County on May 2, 2021, best a sign that life is going well in LA. Nature heals, as they say.
Figure: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Los Angeles County has never recorded new deaths from covid-19 Sunday, the first such event since LA County detected its first coronavirus death on March 10, 2020. And although experts warn that the potential for weekends is a major sign that Southern California and the US are increasingly caring for health problems that have hit the country for a period of more than a year.

LA County registered 313 new cases of the virus on Sunday, bringing the total number of people infected since the outbreak to 1,233,772. The region has lost 23,915 people to covid-19 deaths.

The LA state currently has 410 people in hospitals in the covid-19 state, according to County health page, a sharp and encouraging decline since two weeks ago. And the testing of hope in the region is at a very low level of the epidemic with only o.6% of people tested positive for positive results.

The new vaccine is still in progress, with 46.8% of eligible people in LA County receiving their first dose and 31.5% now having the full vaccine, according to Los Angeles Times. Globally, the figure is very good, with 59.6% of California receiving little vaccination and 40.2% of California receiving the full vaccine.

“Vaccination in LA County is simpler and easier than ever, and we urge anyone who expects to be vaccinated to take advantage of this opportunity,” LA County Health Director Barbara Ferrer told locals. Affiliate with NBC TV.

“There has been a high risk of COVID-19 infection among non-vaccinated individuals,” Ferrer continued. “With LA County residents and workers being vaccinated, the risk of genocide is greatly reduced, and we have resumed many of the activities we used to do before the epidemic.”

Restrictions in LA County were released Monday, barring time for bars to be removed as long as they were outdoors alone. Working hours were limited to 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. state government until last week. Los Angeles Unified Ssongs DThe district reopens today.

The US has recorded more than 32.4 million coronavirus infections and more than 577,000 people, according to Johns Hopkins University– the largest statistics in the world. But some countries are beginning to see the number of diseases that could make them surpass the US worse, especially as vaccines are delayed in rolling out in poorer countries.

India is the worst country in the world, with more than 390,000 cases and more than 3,600 deaths on Saturday alone – a number that many believe is very low. The world currently accounts for one third of covid-19 infections worldwide and overcrowding in hospitals is forcing many to leave they die in the streets.

And the situation is expected to get worse before the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi refuses to do anything to address the health problems that are plaguing his country. Instead, they help export the vaccine from India to countries like Bhutan, where 90% of the country has the vaccine.

India has sent more than 66 million dollars to about 60 countries around the world, such as the UK Sky News he said over the weekend, however the country is suffering from a lack of vaccines for its people.

As life returns to normal in many rich countries it is important to remember that the problem did not end until the whole country was vaccinated. And it can be a long time if rich countries do not go to their aid in big ways, such as permits intellectual contributions for countries with potential for vaccine production.


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