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Kurz on charges as false charges against Austrian chancellor


Since becoming the youngest Australian chancellor in 2017, Sebastian Kurz has said worked on major politics, attracting voters is one of Europe’s strongest in terms of immigration, and more recently, promising climate change.

But because of the legal challenges posed by his government, Kurz is at risk, if not his job, in the slightest which has led to a change in – and for the critics, the ideology involved – the principles of change.

Last Wednesday, 34-year-old Kurz he announced that he expects to be prosecuted by prosecutors for misleading a special committee of parliament Investigating high-level scams. If found guilty, he could be sentenced to prison. Chancell has stated he has no intention of resigning.

“This is the biggest problem in his political career, there is no doubt at all,” said Thomas Hofer, an Austrian political commentator. “Remember, he had a messiah-like figure a few years ago. Apita. ”

However, even if Kurz survived being forced to step down, as is clear, this would not be a problem. The committee – which was set up after its first government collapsed in the wake of corruption in 2019 – sent notes, including text messages and emails.

This has revealed how Kurz unleashed his power, and relocated workers to leading positions in government and labor unions in Austria. Many expect another loss – and payoff – to come.

In addition, the photo shows that Kurz, instead of ending the post-war Austrian political system as promised in the past, has become one of his most active students.

Appearance can be minimal, the suits are very sharp and well shaved. But image-back networks and old-fashioned support remain.

Kurz’s domestic violence has reached a point where he has stopped in Brussels it’s a little low. After visiting Berlin in April, Chancellor Angela Merkel was too busy to meet him.

Sebastian Kurz and his deputy, Werner Kogler of the Greens: their 2017 elections intimidate them into returning to power and returning to the political wilderness © Alex Halada / AFP / Getty

However, many removed the chancellor immediately, as in 2019 after his alliance with the right wing collapsed dramatically.

Kurz then went on to claim one of the biggest victories in the Peoples Party. He also undermined political aspirations by forming an alliance with the Austrian left-wing Greens.

That’s why when things go awry, officials admit, the idea at Ballhausplatz is taking off after weeks of self-defense.

The charges against Kurz are baseless, he says. He may have settled before the investigative committee but Kurz still remembered a lot four years ago. The Chancellor sends 300 messages a day, adding one advisor.

For those close to Kurz, the committee’s job is to investigate the allegations against the government and not just to hunt down witches. It seems that the chancellor’s foundation sees them that way.

The support of his People’s party has dropped from a peak last year by about 42% to 35% now. But this is still ahead of the Social Democrats, by 22%, and the right-wing Freedom Party, at 17%.

In addition, Kurz’s advisers believe the support has reached the bottom. An internal vote that has taken place in recent days, one told the Financial Times, appears to be holding to 30 years.

This belief, it is believed, may have originated as a result of the epidemic. I have The vaccine is now hitting many of its EU counterparts, and as the economy recovers, the government is confident of retaliation.

Perhaps the most inspiring for the chancellor, the opposition parties are sharing a lot. The Social Democrats have found political foundations but divisions due to party leadership continue to gain popularity.

The Freedom Party seems to be at risk of the first leadership and still exists did not heal since his assassination in 2019. Hardliner Herbert Kickl – Kurz’s archenemy – has indicated he wants to lead the party instead of a self-styled leader, Norbert Hofer.

In the case of the Greens, although they were dissatisfied with the Kurz government’s consolidation in the coalition, they would have been punished by their dismissal in the 2017 elections.

In fact, on Wednesday the party has stated it will not run in the by-elections. The termination of his employment will be a relief for the government.

However, Kurz’s focus on the site – as well as his story about the abuse – has deteriorated. Kurz’s actions have affected Austrian politics, critics say, which has made them unpopular and unpopular.

“What is happening here is not really against the government,” said Stephanie Krisper, MP of the NEOS party and a key member of the legislative inquiry committee. “About Sebastian Kurz’s People’s Party against the Constitution.”

Krisper sings Kurz about “cronyism” and launches a bitter war that undermines democracy in the country. “The Chancellor is [undermining] government agencies – the attorney general’s office, parliament and the Supreme Court. ”

Those close to the chancellor agree that they want the problem to escalate so that interest can return to achieve things in government.

But the fact is, 18 months after the re-election and the epidemic, in his remarks by Kurz, “Destroys” plans to change the economy and ban, his government does not have much to show for it – other than to investigate the chancellor.


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