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Konami draws other Metal Gear Solid games from digital stores


Konami pa removal several responsibilities from digital platforms and platforms at the moment due to licensing issues. Unless you find their records, Metal Gear Solid 2: Children of Freedom and Solid Metal 3: Snake Eater no longer available for purchase. The publisher said it was “working to rehabilitate old photo licenses used in the games.” Along with the same game, Konami is pulling bundles with each game.

This move affects the heads on , PlayStation Now, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, and NVIDIA Shield (not exactly on the platform most of the time). It is not known when MGS2 and MGS3 back in stores, or if Konami keeps the contents of the account.

This is not the first time that licensing issues have affected the game once it is released. from the store Remedy’s rights to certain songs of the song have expired. Rockstar game, right now from various titles of Grand Theft Auto over the years for the same reasons.

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