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Johnson to be fired for offering a remake of Downing St

Boris Johnson is due to be released for violating Whitehall’s ministry rules and internal investigation into debt to renovate his Downing Street apartment but his actions will be “condemned”, according to senior officials.

Lord Christopher Geidt, an independent minister in the interests of the prime minister, exchanged letters in recent weeks with the Prime Minister of the UK. other revelations about a £ 58,000 donation from Lord David Brownlow to renovate Johnson’s Number 11 Downing Street.

Although Geidt has previously dismissed Johnson for violating ministerial orders on Brownlow’s request for help, a recent Electoral Commission investigation revealed WhatsApp messages between Brownlow and Johnson.

Geidt reviewed his initial investigation to see if he had been misled by Johnson when the Prime Minister said he had not asked Brownlow for help. Officials say Geidt has now seen all the necessary WhatsApp messages.

The investigation was overseen by Johnson’s associates, who feared it might lead to a re-investigation by Lawmaker Kathryn Stone. One said, “Boris wants all flat things to be settled.

Lord Christopher Geidt is an independent minister for personal interests © Dominik Lipinski / PA

According to several Whitehall sources familiar with Geidt’s recent research, the “three to four” letters have been changed to No. 10 which can be published in the new year.

Johnson’s behavior should be “criticized” according to those with investigative experience, with Geidt describing the situation to his “very unsatisfactory” colleagues.

One senior official stated: “Geidt clearly shows that the situation is far from complete. But at the same time the important point is that the PM did not cheat and did not violate the ministerial rules. ”

Downing Street declined to comment.

The Cabinet office, located at Geidt’s office, said: “We have said nothing about speculation”. Another spokesman added: “The term ‘application’ means that the advice given by an independent consultant to the Prime Minister on matters referred to him will be published in due course.”

Residents also claimed that many of the errors in the misunderstanding of the donations were shared by Johnson and Gedit on the way around Geidt’s initial inquiry into fixed debt. “The reasons have been explained and some reasons, such as WhatsApp messages, have not been sent. You have returned a detailed first report,” said the insider.

An Whitehall official commented regarding the investigation: “The letters are enough to raise eyebrows. The Prime Minister has apologized for some of the reasons for the initial investigation, which were accepted by Lord Geidt. “

In lieu of sanctions, Geidt and Johnson have agreed to change the administrative system of the ministry, as well as to have other matters submitted to the appropriate Secretariat within the Office of the Minister.

A colleague of Geidt stated: “He stated that the independent commission should be sound and must be honest at all times.”

Other investigations are underway into allegations that parties in Whitehall violated coronavirus restrictions, led by government official Sue Gray. He is expected to complete his initial research for the new year, after consultation with No. 10 officials and special advisers.

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