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Johnson and Biden were thrown together for national interests

The first foreign trip for Joe Biden to become US President this week will also include a meeting with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle on Sunday, to meet the 95-year-old king who should be of interest to American journalists.

But Biden has spent three days at a Cornish hotel for a private company owned by Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister who described him in 2019 as a “body and mind” of Donald Trump.

Political factors and the importance of politics have led Biden and Johnson to merge. Prior to the G7 summit – in which Johnson will take office – their relationship is seen by both parties as being rich in potential but dangerous.

Mr. Johnson’s first face-to-face meeting with US President in Cornwall will be a pivotal moment for both leaders. Someone is trying to do that reset The American world leader, the other is trying to prove that “Global Britain” is not a common word.

Things took a turn for the worse in London on Saturday at a summit chaired by UK chancellor Rishi Sunak, and a joint venture between G7 finance ministers on a US-backed tax plan for the world.

Carbis Bay Hotel in Cornwall, where Joe Biden and Boris Johnson meet for the first time in a face-to-face interview © Anthony Devlin / Bloomberg

In preparation for the G7, which kicks off on Friday, the Biden camp has been talking about a “special relationship”, a statement made by Winston Churchill 75 years ago that today is causing confusion among many British spies.

“The fact that a special relationship hurts others,” said Christopher Meyer, a former UK ambassador to Washington. “It brings hope.”

But Meyer has said that Antony Blinken, US secretary of state, during a visit to London last month tried to ensure that Churchill’s views on friendship still work and that the US “has no ally, or close ally” than Britain.

Both groups want to hide the idea that Biden, who sees Brexit as wrong in Britain, is still warning Johnson. Investigators and officials say both leaders have worked hard to resolve the conflict: one by Biden first call his opening was for Johnson.

Heather Conley, vice-president of Europe at the Center for Strategic and International Study in Washington, said: “Biden is a politician and he understands that we must continue to diverge differences and keep busy.”

It is Johnson’s good fortune that in the year Brexit took office, the UK is in control of the G7 and the UN COP26 Climate summit, which gives him the opportunity to say that Britain has the power to call it an “independent state”.

Kim Darroch, a former British ambassador to Washington, said: “Because this is a very important meeting for Biden, the president wants a good relationship with the UK and the Prime Minister.”

Boris Johnson made the call after Joe Biden won the previous election in November in the US

Boris Johnson sings Joe Biden after winning US presidential election last November © Andrew Parsons / No 10 Downing Street

In many places Biden and Johnson’s interests are similar. The US president wants to secure global leadership in areas such as climate change, on a global scale vaccine, with Russia and Iran and relocating to international cooperation taxes. Johnson has similar ambitions and wants the two meetings to produce results.

But there are areas of conflict, which even over the weekend are spent on the white Cornish sands of Carbis Bay it is unlikely to remove it. Central to this is the UK approach to the development of the Northern Ireland protocol – part of Johnson’s Brexit agreement.

The President’s statement last year “I am an Irishman” reminded him of his commitment to Brexit it does not interfere A Friday deal of 1998 that brought peace to the region after 30 years of violence. Negotiations between London and Brussels over the issue next week ahead of the G7 and Amanda Sloat, director general of the National Security Council, confirmed on Friday that Biden would release the case with Johnson.

He said Biden had indicated his desire to see the agreement implemented and “continue to maintain economic and political stability” in Northern Ireland. “Undoubtedly this is the message he will promote in the UK”.

Max Bergmann, a former State Department official led by Barack Obama and a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, said he hoped there would be a “direct debate” on the issue, but when that happens it could not be a camera.

A Cornwall shopping mall hangs banners for G7 members before the convention this week

Cornwall shopping mall hoists flags for G7 members ahead of this week’s conference © Tom Nicholson / Reuters

Darroch said: “I think the next 12 months will be better if we do something about the Northern Ireland system that irritates the Irish government and talks on the phone with their colleagues in Congress. It would be very difficult.”

In China, Johnson is taking a more active role than other G7 countries but some believe he could be pressured by Biden in the coming months to encourage British ideas to move to Beijing.

Johnson’s recent “Combined compound” on foreign policy and security, and its commitment to the pursuit of “good economic ties, including the strong connection between Chinese trade and much of the UK’s currency”, was criticized by British rabbits.

“I think Boris wants both ways: to do enough in China for the American people and the anti-Chinese to form its own party behind it, while it is possible to avoid a major conflict with Chinese leaders,” Darroch said.

“They will be closer to Biden in the Chinese mind than any other white man. But they have found themselves in a dilemma if Biden’s demand for the UK in China is too high. In the past we have been able to hide behind EU alliances. Not anymore.”

British officials say that although Western leaders have welcomed the US return to international action, they will not be relieved when Biden begins to tell them to save more money as a global vaccine, to fight climate change or to protect themselves.

“We will all soon see how it works and reclaim the United States,” said one European diplomat, noting that other countries were beginning to resent the new idea from Biden.

“There is a perception in some European cities that we are the ones who have been showing these demonstrations on the way over the last four years when it comes to things like weather or vaccination,” the ambassador said.

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