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John Krasinski in a Quiet Room

John Krasinski in a Quiet Room
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John Krasinski never thought A quiet place, may have other consequences because the player / manager did not think he could remove.

But after the first film did so well, he was able to have a good idea to write A Secure Place Part II. Considering the possible scenario, Emily Blunt told her husband that her Part II drama sounded like a second episode of book trilogy.

During a press conference when asked about the results, Krasinski told Manufacturer copywriting to prepare for the third video: “It’s fun. I don’t think about the second when I make the first one. However, I had these questions as I did. I put out the fire far away, and I kept asking myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be better if we checked out the fire? Who is on the other end of the fire? ‘But I didn’t think there would be any consequences. So, when I came to write this, I started with a fire. So this time, I think my brain was starting to spin and I wondered what this meant, after that, I started writing notes so that I could prepare myself together. ”

Krasinski He knows how to raise prices, so where would things come from? What new ways can they develop in building the world and the conflict within the third characters? Hopefully, we will hear more about the third video soon.

Secure Place Part II they are currently in the showroom and will be on VOD from July 12th. Tell us what you think in the comments!

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